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Opponent for CMBN

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Hi Y'all


First off, I've never played H2H or PBEM, so I would be learning as we go. I have a dropbox account. Or we can share the files other ways. I want to play the scenario "Dies amis kommen". I have played this scenario before, and will let the my opponent choose which side he/she wants to be. Only rule would be no preplanned artillery in the setup phase. However, as much as I want to play this scenario, I'm willing to compromise and pick a different scenario or QB map. Just be aware that I do not have any of the modules, and am only updated to v2.12. 


Send me a PM or reply to this topic if you would like to play with me. 


P.S. I am a student, so my schedule will be hectic somedays, because of this, the amount terms that I can output per week will vary. I will be able to send out at least a turn a day over the weekend, but anytime during the weekdays will be random. 


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