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How do you think about the result of scenario of 2017' PLA vs US Army (or US marines) in urban / mountainous terrain like S Korea now? This could be really interesting match. Though Chinese armor would be hard to match against M1A2 SEP, their infantry mass and fire power would be still challenging for US troops.


The ranges would be quite close (urban. mountain and forested terrain) which would lessen the disadvantages of Chinese/North Korean tanks. The paddy fields would also be a problem in a summer campaign. In the more likely winter war the paddies would freeze but US/SK air power would be more limited.


If defending the best NK move would be to fall back into the urban and mountainous/forested terrain making Coalition dforces fight there on MNoth Koean terms. The North would still lose the conventional war but would still have to fight gainst fanatical insurgents based on NK Special Forces remnans and People's Militia

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Having lived in Korea...eh.  The government is so in the pocket of those businesses I think you'd be hard pressed to see a shift left to a meaningful degree.  And the nationalism of South Koreans (Kor

Given the Battlefront crystal ball, if they announce a USMC vs Chinese in Taiwan, I'll expect the flashpoint IRL a few months later

Some thoughts on this fascinating topic. Let's start with NKA SOF. I don't know what they have now, but during my time at Hughes Aircraft Missile Systems Group (early 1978-late 1984), NK SOF were a ni

It might make sense to include the Koreas in an expansion for a large CM title focusing on China vs the US with South Pacific allies. That would be a good one down the road.

Edit: Potentially Vietnam would be one of the US's South Pacific allies, and it could be a development stepping stone to a Vietnam War title further down the road. :)

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