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I think you'll see it if there's an expansion to the rumored Battle of the Bulge CM that's supposed to be coming up.  All of 20 of them saw combat, but only in the March-May 45' timeframe (although 300 or so of them made it to Europe in time for the V-E parades more or less), but they're a must-do if we're going to cover up to Remagen,

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M-36 is pretty much a must-include for anything that covers the post August 1944 timeframe.


After looking it up, the first time an T26E3 (as they were called until March) went into combat the last week of February.   If the Bulge module covered the final reduction of the Bulge itself and the follow on offenses, having them in would be pretty cool.  Of course the other thing would be figuring out just how they were supposed to be included, the ten or so tanks that went to 9th Armored were deployed in  platoon elements, while the 3rd Armored ones wound up being basically deployed as a replacement for one tank in an otherwise Sherman-ed up platoon.  


So I guess at that maybe it'd be something like a super high rarity upgrade for a platoon (much in the same way you can upgrade M4A1s to M4A3 76s or something), or an option to include it as a very expensive platoon with a rarity discount (basically you should either see one Pershing, or five, and nothing in between, or more)

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I seem to remember Steve saying they were planning on doing a Bulge Commonwealth module and a late war module taking us to the end of the war including the possibility of some designs that never saw combat e.g. the Maus. Personally I don't think they Maus would ever have gone into production even if the prototypes were completed in time. Maybe the Panther II( I think it was called) would have been more likely.

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