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Coming Soon - Colonel Nosov's March on Germany

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Coming Soon - Colonel Nosov's March on Germany - an 18 scenario campaign for CMRT (Allies vs AI).


All battles are in playtest or AI Tweaking mode, every scenario will have at least three AI plans...


Core Units are as follows:

22nd Motorized Rifle Brigade

  •   HQ - Lt. Col. Nosov
  •   2IC - Major Bebchuk
  •   Tank Plt. HQ - Capt Yeltson
  •   1 Co Hq - 2nd Lt. Lachkov
  •   2 Co HQ - 2nd Lt.  Obolensky
  •   3 Co HQ - 2nd Lt.  Repin
  •   MG Co HQ - 2nd Lt. Ruchkin
  •   Mortar Bat HQ - 2nd Lt. Dudnik
  •   4th Bat HQ - 2nd Lt. Arshavin

Scenarios basically contain a company from above with attachments, I would say most are small to medium in size and range from 50-90 minutes. See attached sample PDF Manual for area and flowchart of battles.


Here is a small video trailer-





After release this will be followed up with an Axis vs AI Campaign and also all 18 Scenarios in a Battle Pack modified for H2H play...


I still could use a play tester or two, you can contact me at my website below...


I will update as release time gets closer...

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Loved your CMA campaign and was always looking forward to a second one!  This, I can't wait for though.  Really excited to see that you are doing the campaign from both sides and also making the scenarios available for H2H!!


I have a certain opponent that I'm sure would like to have a go at the long slog through it.


Thanks for doing this!!

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