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Combat training ground near Luhansk?

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There isn't supposed to be any flaming here at all. That's precisely the point of the Forum Rules which, like him, you choose to ignore in your continuing vicious campaign against me. You might wish to consider that things have now reached the point where other Forumites are now quoting the Forum Rules to you. Others are publicly calling you on your outrageous behavior toward me and have down voted your posts. Which you were then somehow caught up voting subsequently! Over and over again I have asked you to leave me in peace. Which you won't. Lately, it seems you're even trying to force me to limit myself to the GDF, to which you have now many times referred me. Odd, then, isn't it, that my "inappropriate topics" seem to have spawned quite a bit of discussion, even appreciation? TRADOC manuals, this thread, the T-90 doc thread--for starters. I am going about my lawful occasions here, which you seem utterly determined to prevent me from having. You really need to figure out why you have this obsession with me--and start behaving like a rational human, an adult and a reasonable facsimile of a man! Leave me alone!!!




John Kettler

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