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Heritage Foundation Report

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The Heritage Foundation has recently commissioned a report compiling the United States' military strength.


The Index is an annual assessment of the state of America’s “hard power,” the geographic and functional environments relevant to the United States’ vital national interests, and threats that rise to a level that put those interests at risk.

The Index is meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive, meaning we assess the current condition of our subjects within the assessed year. In future editions we will describe how their condition has changed from the previous year, informed by the baseline condition. In short, we will attempt to answer the question, “Have conditions improved or worsened during the assessed year?”



This is the first of what will become a yearly report on U.S. military capability, and is the first report of this type ever written.

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I'll have a look, but I was under the impression there was already a great deal of coverage of US military strength. Don't know whether you know it or not, but the DOD trailblazing Cold War pub SOVIET MILITARY POWER engendered a backblast from Russia's MoD. That pub was called Whence the Threat to Peace? While obviously propagandistic, as was to some degree the first pub, what was most useful about it was the radically different way Russia saw (and sees) the whole geo-strategic picture. We would see those perceptions as paranoid, but they, coming from a long history of invasions and such, not to mention a significant amount of treachery on their end, thus, wary of it from others, were far more concerned with capabilities, for as far as they're concerned, capability was (and is) intent to attack. Indeed, they expended enormous time, money and scarce intel resources (even theirs was finite and constantly overworked) watching for a Western nuclear surprise attack under the acronym RYAN.


In other news, I have GaJ's marvel DLed, and it seems to work. It shows the turn is there, but it appears I need to somehow select a foe or something. Please E-mail me and tell me what to do next.




John Kettler

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