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clocktime, turn#'s, elapsed time...?

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Well, I am trying to have some cool stuff happen in my scenarios. I am also trying to give the player some general guidance to assist in his mission.

As per a military evolution, this often involves the clocktime! So, I just started using the clock time more and more. It is afterall, right up there on the so called "compass" in the upper right hand corner.


For turn #'s and such or time remaining. I really get confused.

I am starting to see that the clocktime really helps keep me squared away on scenario timings. Of course, this is hosed when you try to plan AI moves. But for H2H scenarios, it shouldn't matter.


So, please tell me what you all do.


Turn #'s? AAR's seem to track turn #'s but if you miscount or start oddly, then what good is a turn # or a minute #?


After a PBEM gets going, it is often weird to me the way it sequences....


Player A gives first orders ORD1 and sends the file Player B. Nothing to watch yet!


Player B gives his ORD1 and then gets to watch what happened for WEGO first minute (WEGO1) and then sends the file to A.


Player A is the 2nd to see what just happened for WEGO1 and then gets to give ORD2. 


Player B gives his ORD2 and then gets to watch WEGO2 and then sends the file to A. 




So for AAR's it is either seen from A or B perspective. Give orders and see results or see results of past actions and explain your intentions for next turn.


Maybe I need another cup of coffee. 


Anyway, I like clocktime now so much more. And for reinforcements I can say "LT Schwartz will be at the bridge at 0815" and it has gotta be clear to the player, right?


Or the reserve platoon will arrive between 1715 and 1725 on the main road from GrossenBustenFrauen. Gut?


EDIT: Though JonS doesn't seem to specifically talk about this, he does list his reinforcements on the TacMap as "ETA 1500" for example. Which is the standard stock format. So, I guess this last point is just me finally seeing what is best to do as I climb the learning curve...



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You have it right as far as I understand things. I wish the game's timer would also have a setting to allow you to put in standard military time, so you could track both. I do pay attention to the times you give in your briefings. But in the AAR, I just state what minutes into the game we are at since the start.

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Well for AARs turn numbers are completely useless in my opinion since they have no reference in game.  I personally usually use the count down clock for them because it is easiest to keep track of what is going on and you can order your screen shots based on it.  Although for posting I crop that out.  For describing events in game like arrival of units etc then the clock time seems like the write thing to do because it is a natural thing to do.  The alternative would be to specify how many minutes from the start something will arrive H hour +15 minutes but that is very poor in game because there is no reference you can use in game to tell when that is.

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