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I've had BRDM engaged HMMWV Mk19 frontally at 600m. BDRM had put dozen of bursts of it's 14.5mm into humvee. There were multiple hits in weapon mount, but no damage at alll: all state were green. It suprsies me a lot, I've never though that HMMWV offers that level of protection. 


I've googled a bit but failed to find actual protection levels for it.

So, can HMMWV armour make it rock steady and invulnerable to rains of 14.5mm fire at 600 meters?

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No.  Think about what else could be happening here.  


The Humvee isnt immune at all.  Its being horrifically overmatched and skewered.  Tons of holes, but not in any vital areas.


Hmmm... and what else possibly could be happening?

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Actually, I've got reverse effect: my BRDMs are proved to be suspiciously resistant to 12.7 MG fire. I've got several "turret front penetrations" whithout any fatal damage or crew injuries. 


EDIT: Actually, there is explanation. I've just discovered that BRDM-2M uses unmanned turret "BPU-1"

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