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NATO Symbols Question - Understrength

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Cpl Steiner,


Here you go. Hope your head doesn't explode. Mine nearly did. In this sea of info, there are two things vital to your question, one is a very elaborate multipart symbol which has far more elements than did SPI's Seapower & the State game counters. Happily for your sanity, all you need to know is that the Text Modifier for force strength goes in field "F" and is expressed as ( - ) reduced, (+) reinforced or + and - stacked,  reinforced, reduced. That's probably way too complicated, so showing the tactical symbol with just the Text Modifier next to the UR symbol corner ought to suffice. If you're brave/foolish, you can have at the elephant!  Or you can tame it somewhat via something really cool called MILSketch--CM player approved. CMer Steve Dixon talks about it, and there's a direct link to the Forums! Tutorial vid below. For PC only. 





John Kettler

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