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How difficult is the US campaign?

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Hi all guys!

I really like the combat mission serie, (i played combat mission shock force with all the modules, and i bought combat mission normandy), but i'm not sure if i'm going to buy combat mission black sea.

I am sure that is a really good game, but honestly i was a little disappointed with combat mission normandy difficulty:

the campaign for me was really too hard so i don't play that (great) game any more.

Here is my question: do you think that the black sea campaign (US side) is too difficult? Can you compare it to Combat mission shock force campaign?


Thank you very much.


(and for the developers, please reduce a little the difficulty for the casual gamers, maybe add a new difficulty for rookies, with less enemies)




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You can ? Hows that ?


You are prompted to set the skill level at the beginning of a mission.  Generally, the more difficult the skill level the longer the call times for artillery and air support.  (time delays) Buddy aid takes longer.  Spotting is different on different skill levels.      
There are five different skill levels:
Basic Training
This is the easiest setting. 
- Spotting information is instantly shared among teams (aka “Borg Spotting”) etc.. 
- Spotting information is distributed among teams using the standard Command & Control rules 
- Artillery and air support arrives faster than in real life
More realistic time delays for a number of tasks and events. 
- Enemy infantry icons are always the plain “soldier” type. 
Introduces special restrictions on what the player can do and when. 
There are many additional differences between the different skill levels. Page 28 of the game manual goes into all the details.
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I recommend you play Veteran or Basic Training if you are new to CM. Borg Spotting and instant artillery support are major advantages for the player. Youi possibly should also start with small battles and play them in Real Time. WeGo takes a bit of getting accustomed to it, but during larger battles (everything bigger than a company) it is much more comfortable than RT for most people.

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The difficulty for me is more about the persistent casualties. Winning a battle at all costs may not be the best because you will have less troops for the next battle.

It is not about orders and arty delay. So it depends on how persistent the casualties are. I remember doing the CMSF Marines campaign and i got to a point where everyone is walking as all vehicles are knocked out.

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