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I've been asked how I captured the contours on my recent Black Sea maps without using Google Earth.


I prefer to find a map with contours marked and for Black Sea used loadmap.net


You can zoom in on the area of interest which brings up a map level of ever increasing detail.




becomes this as you zoom in





Once you have the area you need at the scale required simply take a screen shot which can then be worked on in Photoshop or something similar to create the editor overlay.


Hope this is of help, but please ask if you have any questions






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Thanks, Pete. What if you can't find a map and have to rely on GE? Right now GE doesn't show elevations as it use to. I watch Chris video on making overlay and he used GE but I got lost when he did the elevation.


Here is the link:




and if you could watch it and help explain how to do it the way he explain it.



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post-40653-0-57257400-1425588120.jpgOk John here you go. I can't think of a better way to explain this so hopefully it makes sense

I've attached the whitedot image that is needed - just save it to your hardrive,





Once you have all the layers needed, take a screen shot with all the various contour lines showing and take it to photoshop.

Hope this helps









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Thanks Pete,

Some of your curve hints come at the right time for me, but I must admit that It demands a lot of patience to set the right curve altitude in the editor map. I have however found sometimes, that even a slight difference of altitude does not look so good on the map and that it requires some adjusment to make the environment look better to the player eyes


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