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Feedback from a multiplayer game

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I am playing the German side right now and I feel the game is very unbalanced to the SU side - mostly due to the hiuge amount of light tanks that can kill in packs German tanks with ease and the German units are just not retreating in my game - even with strength 1 - so my tanks and infantry units get destroyed by counterattacks in huge numbers - even though they would only need to retreat behind the defensive line (they did not even use all their action points the turn before) - right behind them...is ist possible to make German units retreat depending on strength not moral? Otherwise the many losses are just an early defeat even in 41....and there was no "No Retreat" order....


Ouch wrong thread I meant AoC - please move it there....

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Hi steelwarrior77 :) ,


Not sure if it was designed like that but it makes sense as it's equal to Germans' armor pool full capacity:

10 panzers in normal campaign

7 more named panzer corps in the force pool

(not available with hard builds option in normal campaign, available at extra cost with soft builds)

1 romanian tank corps

total = 18


For unit numbers it seems ok since Germans have more MPPs they can buy a lot of divisions early (only 2 monthes to produce).

There are also some GAR units (only 1 month) and the cavalry unit (2 monthes) for around 21 units if I'm not mistaken.

Germany also has 15 units in the production queue at start scheduled to arrive in the summer.

Some units with 3 monthes production delay can even arrive arrive at the end of September if bought in June.


So it's 84 german land units at start + 4 for Hungary + 8 for Finland + 15 in queue + 21 with short production delay = 132 (not counting Italians).

Then you have those extra 8 panzers for 140 and 8 more else (probably corps).

Panzers have a 4 monthes production delay so I suppose extra ones come as bonus reinforcements in the PQ (or maybe events) as well as those extra 8 units.

So overall for max difficulty level those numbers arn't that incredible ;) .


Hope it helps !

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