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Allied AAR: TRtE Mini Battle 2 – take the bridge


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Minute 03-02:
The infantry of 2 Section advance along the left side of the road with support from Sgt Jameson.  First another round near the corner and then another on the barn.

Figure 37 Supporting Fire

Figure 38 Supporting Fire
Once Lance Corporal Graham reach the bend in the road with Sgt Jameson’s tank not far behind the tank begins firing on the bridge approach.  No enemy contacts are spotted.  The view of the bridge is not good enough to assess its condition.

Figure 39 More Supporting Fire
Meanwhile Cpt. Ferguson put some HE on the farm house where the fire from a few moments ago came from.


Figure 40 Cpt Ferguson


Lt McDougal following behind the capable Lance Corporal Graham has not heard any enemy fire nor had any reports of enemy sightings. He feared the explosion they heard after the final artillery barrage might have been the bridge being blown.  If that is the case they have failed in their mission.  He needs to push forward to see what is happening so he can report back as soon as they know what the status is.  If they have lost the bridge it will cause more delays that the cannot afford.

Minute 02: Orders
We need to get eyes on the bridge and with no enemy contacts at all ahead the men press on quickly.  Lance Corporal Graham leading the way on the left side of the road with Lt McDougal close behind 2 Section.  1 Section will move up the right side of the road to the near barn while 3 Section will move to the edge of the woods to provide covering fire if needed.

Figure 41 Orders


Cpt Ferguson’s tank will fire on both stories of the farm house on our side of the bridge.


Figure 42 Orders
Lt. Jeremey’s tank will fire on the left hand barn before moving into the woods and firing on the right hand barn.


Figure 43 Orders
Sgt Jameson will move forward with the infantry and fire at areas around the bridge.  If it is still standing hopefully he can disrupt the demo teams. If the bridge is gone perhaps he can exact a little revenge.

Figure 44 Orders











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Minute 02-01:
Thank fire begins as the infantry move up.  Lance Corporal Graham’s team in the lead.

Figure 45 Assault Begins


As they round the bend and head toward the bridge, bad things start to happen.  Lance Corporal Graham is just beginning to get an idea of the status of the bridge when one of their supporting tank rounds slams into the barn across the road. Private Jones goes down right in front of Lance Corporal Graham.  It happens so suddenly he does not even stop until he is passed him.

Figure 46 First Casualty


Damn thought Lance Corpral Graham what a crappy way to go down – Friendly Fire! In the heat of the moment I ran right past Pvt Jones before hitting the deck myself.  Just when I realized the bridge was gone we lose a man. Thankfully his not dead and we are already looking after him but Damn!
Minute 01: Orders
No more HE on this side of the bridge.  Stg Jameson will fire on the barn as 2 Section assault it.  Meanwhile Lt Jeremy will riding up behind 1 Section as the assault the right hand barn.

Figure 47 Orders






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Stiff upper lip there soldier! Jerry is an expert at demolitions...


Brew up some tea and have a tin of something...you move out in 15 minutes heading across the Dommel with Cap'n Chappy! 


Bridge or no bridge...we'll spend tonight in Valkenswaard...

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Minute 01-00:
Lance Corporal Graham himself attends to Pvt Jones.

Figure 48 Taking Care
Left barn take by 2 Section. Don’t even thing about creating a 3D printable model of Left Barn – you hear me!

Figure 49 Left Barn
Right Barn taken by 1 Section. 

Figure 50 Right Barn
The last HE round in support.

Figure 51 Final Fire







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The End
Lt. John McDougal called it in to Company HQ once he hears the word of the loss of the bridge.  He was annoyed because this meant more delays in an already slow start to this mission.  Except this time he bore some of the responsibility. All he could do now was get a defensive perimeter and send a Section to see if the river could be forded anywhere near the bridge.  After seeing that Pvt Jones was evacuated he stood at the edge of the bridge drinking tea someone had handed him feeling glum.


Obviously the scoring here does not reflect the way the game should be scored because I lost!  I am not sure where second casualty came from but the sad news is that Pvt Jones succumbed to his wounds at the medic station after being evacuated.

Figure 52 The End


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Stiff upper lip there soldier! Jerry is an expert at demolitions...


Brew up some tea and have a tin of something...you move out in 15 minutes heading across the Dommel with Cap'n Chappy! 


Bridge or no bridge...we'll spend tonight in Valkenswaard...


Yep someone handed tea around.  The men are ready!


Thanks for doing a really great AAR Ian. :D


Loads of fun - looking forward to the next battle.

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Very nice.   Some of your audience (Me!! in particular...haha) are becoming attached to your pixeltruppen already. 


I really enjoy that part of the immersion to this game.  Well, until the lads get cut down in a vicious burst of enemy machine-gun fire.  :(  



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I'd say choice d. so far.  I played it just now.  Nice and quick.  Subtle.  Got my butt handed to me.  Will have to try it again as I enjoy a challenge.  This reminds me of the Tiny Battles for CMx1.  That was a neat concept too.


The Brits got too close to the bridge and I wasn't able to protect the good Feldwebel.  He never got a chance to try and blow the bridge.  The AI is pretty aggressive. 


I'm not sure if I am scrounging things correctly.  The boys at the AT gun got pasted.  None of them survived.  The other teams did do some scrounging but I didn't get any feedback on whether or not I was successful.  I might be missing something here.  If so, please let me know.  Once they are done doing their medic status in the numbered areas, does that mean they got what they could and it is time to boogie out?


Pretty cool battle, I might say. 



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Yes, medic is the action they perform and then the WIA/KIA vanishes and you see whatever you scrounged.

Once your squad has buddy-aided then you must decide between the courses of action explained in the briefing.

Basically, defend forward or pull back to defend at the bridge. Or I guess some mixture. 


I initially had a points system for exiting out the squads that were assigned to retrieve things for later use but now it is really a battle in itself.

So, no specific feedback will be provided for this version of the scenario.


But please try again. That is the beauty of a short scenario!

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