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Not all poster bmps appear in the game.


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Now I know this is a minor thing, but I've been working on a poster mod and wanted to report something I found.


I placed 20 posters from each poster set using no mods. This is the result:



Poster set 1 bmp1= 7    bmp2 =6   bmp3 = 7    bmp4= 0   bmp5 = 0.


Poster set 2 bmp1 = 9   bmp2 = 8  bmp3 = 3    bmp4 = 0.


Poster set 3 bmp1 =7    bmp2 = 7  bmp3 = 6     bmp4 =0


Poster set 4 bmp1 =7    bmp2 = 6  bmp3 =7      bmp4 = 0   bmp5 = 0   bmp6 = 0



As you can see the later poster bmps were never selected.  This is in 3.11





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Well I discovered something and perhaps this is even in the manual, but when you set your options to better quality graphics you get more variations in a bmp. I guess that makes sense. I discovered this working with helmets.

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