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Question about casualties.

Alexey K

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Can anyone please explain casualties as they are modelled in game?


For selected squad all soliers are depicted with their weapon Icon.

Sometime icon becomes yellow. What does it mean? Light injury?


What means "Casualty"? Is it dead soldier? Or "dead or hevily wounded"?


What red cross icon hovering over fallen soldier mean?


In manual I've read about "buddy help". How it works?


Is it true there are no medical units in game and no medevac mechanics?


Thanks is advance.

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Yellow is a light wound. The soldier and his fighting abilities are probably impaired somehow, maybe he tires faster, is less accurate or his morale is lower. We don't know precisely but he can keep on fighting.


Casualties can be two things. You need to look at the icon under the soldier to be able to tell which one it is, he either got seriously wounded or killed. In any case he is out of the battle.


It can be difficult to tell which it is but there are some mods that make it easier.

There is one from Juju in the repository that he made for CMRT but I am pretty sure it should work for CMBS too. (see pics below.) Or you could send a private message to Vein to get the one he made with a stretcher for wounded and a puddle of blood for dead.




Buddy aid peformed on a seriously wounded soldier gives you a chance that he won't die. It matters for victory points at the end I think. You can also buddy aid a dead soldier. Obviously the name is misleading. You won't bring him back from the dead. What it does is let other soldiers of the squad pick up his ammunition. How long it takes for buddy aid depends on the difficulty level, the higher you set it, the longer it takes. But it is usually between 2 and 3 minutes.





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