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Hey Poppy. Some, like me are spending way too much time playing (which tests the patience limits of the wife) instead of posting. When I get a break I like to chime in here and there. My question is: Modding finished for CMBO? Mods from BB and AK have now made this old fossil a CLASSIC!

Another discovery is how flip-flopping through this trio makes me appreciate the game system. Right now I have swung back to BB now that I finally figured out how to work CMMOS! Woo-hoo! Am I sick or what? I just spent about four hours downloading and overwriting files. Amazing.

So, which of the three is best? That's easy--it's the one YOU ARE PLAYING AT THE MOMENT.

Now excuse me, time to get back to the games! ;)tongue.gif

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One year ago I was at wargamer.com and saw previews of CMAK. I had tried the demo of CMBO years before when I had a older computer without a video card. The demo didn't work very well and I gave up. East front didn't interest me.

After seeing the CMAK previews, I tried the BO demo again with my new computer. I was hooked. I went to my local store and all the had was BB. I bought it and played the heck out of it. Of course I modded it to USMC and IJA in the Pacific.

I finally got CMAK as soon as BFC started shipping. A few months ago I got CMBO to have the collection.

A year ago the forums were full of life and hope for the new version, CMAK, and lots of discussions on BO and BB.

Today there is hardly any posts in any of the catagories on a daily basis.

I fear we have burned out until CMX2.

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