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Is this possible in WEGO ?


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Hi !


Just a little question.


What im trying to do is this:

A Inf Team uses the "Target Briefly" command for 30sec and then uses the "Fast" command to move to another position during one WEGO turn.

I tried it but they always move first without firing a single shot.


Is this even possible to archive during one turn (Fire for 30sec then move) ?

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Select unit -> Pause 30sec -> Target Briefly 30sec -> Fast


Then they will shoot for 30sec and then move ?


Yes.  I do it all the time.


In this case the Pause and Target Briefly orders are tied to their initial position.  You could even have them run somewhere first and then (selecting the new waypoint as the order location) have them Pause there and Fire Briefly there before moving on to a third location.


This is especially useful for storming a building.  Rush up to the outside wall and Pause there 15 secs, Firing Briefly inside before rushing in.  Your units will spray in through doors and windows and also toss grenades inside before entering.


You can get a similar effect by using just Fire instead of Fire Briefly, then attaching an Facing order to the final waypoint.  Facing cancels any Fire orders in place.

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But be careful, there are a ton of intricate plans you can formulate this way, however that intricacy can also burn you when the enemy interferes. What starts as a mutually supporting assault can quickly turn into a bloody debacle. Make sure when you set these up that you know what the worst case is before you hit the big red button.

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One useful trick:


Give a turreted vehicle a Target Briefly order combined with a 15 second pause, then give it the shortest possible move order straight forward or back.  At that new waypoint, plot another Pause/Target Briefly and then give another tiny move order, and so on.  With this method, you can have a single well-positioned vehicle lay heavy suppression on three or four different targets (for instance, a line of adjacent buildings) in a single minute.

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It should be possible to issue another "Target Briefly" order, maybe while holding SHIFT or something.

So you could order 15sec fire at target one, and 45sec fire at target two for example.

Something that has been asked for on a number of occasions, and would be an excellent addition... sometimes. It is, indeed, a chore to have to give your vehicle stunty little movement legs to have it spread its heavy weapons love across a wider frontage, and it's very difficult to use the trick at all with infantry (because they move off too slowly, stop too slowly and don't move quicly enough in between, and you probably have to give two waypoints per "burst" if you want them to stay behind cover/not be dreadfully vulnerable to return fire while displacing).

It's more necessary now that the vast firepower of modern infantry reappeared, and tripod MGs have been ramped up in their effectiveness. It used to be that putting only 15s of an infantry element's fire on one spot wouldn't be enough to do anything significant, so spraying their fire across several AS in the space of a minute would largely be a waste of bullets. Still largely true of rifle squads in the WW2 titles, but not for the heavy and/or plentiful automatic weapons of the BS battlefield (or SF, for that matter, but that was v1 so can be excused... :) )

I can't see it being along any time soon, though. Stacking multiple things on a waypoint is going to be a fairly big coding job, I reckon.

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