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Polling about peacekeepers



30 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should send peacekeepers to Ukraine?

    • USA
    • Russia
    • Mixed European
    • NATO
    • China
    • Other not involved country
  2. 2. Where the peacekeepers should stand to stop fighting?

    • Between Ukranian force and DNR/LNR forces
    • On the Ukranian borders
    • Both of previous choices

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Peacekeepers unless they're Russian invaders with "peacekeeper" written on their PCs are pretty outside of reasonably likely outcomes.


Not to mention peace must exist in the first place for there so the peacekeepers are peacekeepers vs peacemakers.  And from that, looking at the recent "peace" it's pretty doubtful anything short of a military combat deployment by an outside force with a mandate to shoot the everloving hell out of separatist or Ukrainians I guess if they acted up first for a change would be able to change the situation at all.

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Unfortunately many of the *successful* UN peackeeping operations were contingent on both of the belligerents already having very little stomach to continue the fight, and were looking for some  diplomatic "out" to the predicament. The presence of UN peackeepers, who may or may not seem militarily impotent, offers them a way of bowing out of hostilities with some degree of "dignity" by making it seem like they were acquiescing to the authority of a higher organisation that represented the world community.

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I don't think other smaller countries would have the capability to maintain peace if pushed. It would have to be one of the top options. Doubt China would come all that way. It would be the first PLA deployment to Europe as well. People would see this in a negative light.


Especially if you put them on the new border between Ukrainian and Russian/DNR/LNR forces. Keep in mind that putting UN troops between Ukrainian and Russian/DNR/LNR forces would be a win for Russia and a loss for Ukraine. You don't want Chinese troops standing there, enforcing Russia's victory...


It also can't be America or Russia for obvious reasons...


I think it has to be a combination of mixed European and other non-European countries. Just NATO countries (under UN flag obviously) could work too.


But looking at how much fighting there's going on, I doubt the UN will want to participate in that.


Realistically speaking, a UN mission will most likely get vetoed by the usual suspects because it doesn't serve their agenda (US/Russia).


By the way, you cannot put UN forces only on the Ukrainian/Russian border. It would invalidate all the fighting done in the last 12 months and it would magically make Ukraine win and Russia lose. So, Russia would veto that. You have to make a compromise of some kind if you don't want Russia/US to veto it. Russia doesn't want to lose the ground they've gained and the West/Ukraine doesn't want Russia to gain more ground.

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