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Player interest in a small (30 minute) referred 4-6 player game + aar?

Pelican Pal

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So in the "Graphics Suck?!!?!?!" thread someone mentioned multiplayer with players controlling different formations working together.


The idea sounds really interesting to me and additionally it sounds like it is something that could actually be done with a number of honest players and a referee, although it will be relatively labor intensive. So I was wondering if any folks would be interested in trying it out.


The idea is for a small 30 minute battle, just as a proof of concept/ to avoid going too far down the rabbit hole, With maybe 2-3 platoons per side. Each platoon would be commanded by a player and one additional player would act as Company Commander.


There would be a single save file that is passed around and each player would get it and give commands to only their units, without looking at the commands of friendly units. They would then save the file and pass it to the next player (or possibly the ref to ensure purity of the save). The players would also be able to communicate with each other, but only through written order. Depending on the C2 link between that player and who they are communicating with the parts of the message may become garbled.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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How do you envision it working?

Details would need to be arranged concerning frequency of communication for instance. What would the referee's responsibility be?

I see that each player could plot their move and then send it to the Commander who would then review the moves for a sense of what was happening and then forward the turn to the opposite Commander who would send it off to his troops. Commanders could not change anything on that turn and could only advise their subordinates after the current turn was sent to their opposite number. I am not sure where the referee would come in.

That would be a minimum of 4 exchanges per side per turn. That would increase on the next turn if the Commander issued any directions to his subordinates.

Would this be the Iron Man mode of play?

I think it would be fun if you could find enough players who could commit to the concept.

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A 2v2 game is perfectly possible - I've seen even Steve mention it here, and it is being played right now at Few Good Men by two pairs of players. They do not use a GM/Referee to manage it. Each pair of players agrees what forces they wish to split for their team, and when one finishes giving orders, he saves the game, sends the file to his partner, who takes his turn, ends the turn and send to the opposing player 1, who moves what he wishes, sends the files to his partner, who takes his turn and sends back to their enemy player 1.


There's a bit of care required so that everyone gets to see the replay, but from Ive seen, quite doable. Just give a nice dropbox shared by all 4 and should work fine. Each side can have their own respective password an so no one sees something they shouldn't.


IF you want a company commander, that takes the concept further, but strictly speaking, its not required for this to work. :) 

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Depending on the C2 link between that player and who they are communicating with the parts of the message may become garbled.

Is this where you see a referee coming in to it? To garble the message? I think you should also consider if the Company CO's solider model is close enough to talk to one of his platoon's solider model in game they should be allowed to have an extended conversation without garbling. Similarly if the Lt.s are close enough talk.

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Over the weekend, given enough time, I'm gonna work on an Official List of Rules for this and post those so y'all can have a firmer idea of what I imagine. I just wanted to know if there was any interest in playing something like this before I spent time on it.


I guess the interest to me is not just that you have multiple players playing on the same team, but that there is communication friction. The core idea here is that players do not have free reign to talk to each other. So if the CO sent 1st Platoon off to do something and the 1st Plt. RTO was killed and radio destroyed you suddenly have a Plt. out of contact. Until contact is reestablished the player in control of 1st Platoon, can't talk to anyone on his team (and in the best case scenario can't see what they see).


Without that communication friction I don't see the point of having multiple players on the same team.


I imagine the role of the referee to be adding some garbling of radio messages based on how firm the radio link is (if you go in and out of contact with HQ every 10 seconds you won't get the whole order), and if nothing else post a sort of 3rd part AAR to peanut gallery.

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