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SS TO&E missing PanzerFausts from Opels

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I'm surprised that you're seeing Fausts in Heer trucks, rather than the other way round. Hanomags always seemed to have them, but trucks just have just had 9mm and rifle ammo in the past (apart from mortar platoon trucks, obv.)

I have not seen any Fausts at all, if the squad did not have it, your out of luck.  the Trucks (Opels) have 9mm and 7.92 ammo and the SPW have the same but the 7.92 are AP ammo.   Never seen any Fausts to pick up or extra rounds for the Shreck.  I guess that's why you add Supply vehicles or I think they look like crates.

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He is presumably referring to trucks organic to the Panzergrenadier Battalion (motorized). Those trucks do indeed have 1 or 2 'fausts each in both CMBN and CMRT. The SS version of this formation does not have any 'fausts in its trucks, which I have reported as a bug.

The Hanomags of the armored PzG battalion also have 'fausts occasionally, the SS formation a little more frequently than the Heer.

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