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Messed up bmp´s for SPW 251 C (bug)

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While modding the textures of the SdKfz 251 C halftracks I have encountered a rather annoying problem:


The files of the hull bmp´s are pretty messed up. This is how:


The SdKfz 251c/1 does not use the bmp sdkfz-251c-hull file. Instead it uses the file: sdkfz-251c-7-hull


And the The SdKfz 251c/7 does not use the sdkfz-251c-7-hull, but instead it uses the file sdkfz-251c-3-hull


This makes it pretty hard - and somewhat frustrating - being a modder.


My questions for BFC are these:


  • Are you aware of this mess up?
  • Are you planning to fix or sumfink?


You see, I have recently released an entire mod set for the SdKfz 251 C and now I´d really like to know if I should fix this myself and upload a new mod set - or if I can count on this being fixed in a coming patch?


Please let me know which one.




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And you think you had a bad case of "CM burnout" eh Dennis? I think the BFC guys are about sick of CM as we can get and should take a month off to somewhere nice when CMFB is released. 



@IanL  How do we do the official bug report on this probable/definite file naming error again? Please sir.

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