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Elevation issue in the Editor!


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Since the patch I'm experiencing an issue with setting Elevations in the Editor, in that it is no longer calculating properly, if at all.


'Adjust all' still works but both 'Adjust' and 'Direct' no longer seem to function - they simply don't seem to trigger the calculation routine as far as I can see; not that there is much to see, but what I'm not seeing is the elevation numbers disappear momentarily in the usual way that they do when the calculation is triggered...   


I've checked in my other titles (CMBN, FI and RT) and they are all working as advertised, so I know this is CMBS specific.


So, can some kind soul please check and let me know if they are experiencing the same thing or if it is just my install?



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OK, some more info,


So after some more playing around, what seems to be happening is that instead of calculating 'Direct' elevation points or areas in the usual manner the editor is instead averaging out all the other squares kind of in the same way 'Adjust' points would normally work... unless, and this is weird, I set a 'Direct' elevation point anywhere on the left edge of the map which then forces the whole map to recalculate properly!


So the editor does work, but only if I set a 'Direct' Elevation point of the left map edge to start with...


So something is definitely still amiss but I do have a work around it seems.


As this has not come up before in these forums, I don't  want to list this as a potential bug unless someone else can confirm it. 

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