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Laser designators and scouts


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Playing Russian campaign scenario 2.  I have scouts that carry laser designators, but I can't figure out what they are good for.  Only the FO can actually lase a target for precision fire.  I move him in and I get the precision strike option.  Without him no precision rounds, even when the scout could clearly designate the target.

Not griping about that - just wondering what the designator is good for in the hands of anyone other than the FO.

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Thanks Louch - good to know, though in retrospect I did reasonably well with the FO only.  It's that dilemma where you have a valuable asset that you don't want to loose, but if you don't use it, you may as well have already lost it!  The leader to the scout squad calling an Artillery would be good enough to make the precision rounds more flexible.


Two things come to mind with regards to the scout squads having laser designators.  Either they do have a use in game, and we just don't know what it is yet OR BF put them there for completeness as the actual squads have them, but there is no in-game use at this time.

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Anyone?  What are the laser designators for that the scouts have?


In real uses 1D15, 1D20, 1D22 laser designators. But these devices are not so portable. For example most older - 1D15 has weight in 60 kg and carry in two 30 kg packs. 1D20 has "only" 30 kg. 1D22 - 18 kg. Newest Russian 1D26 designator has 21 kg, but I don't know it is adopted to service or not. 

Range of targeting of "tank" type target: 1D15 - 0,2... 5 km, 1D20 - 0,3...7 km (20 km max on large target), 1D22 - 0,3...7 km, 1D26 - 0,2...9 km

These devices included in standard equipment of artillery reckon units (FO vehicles 1V14/ 1V15  etc.).


By this links more info and views of designators:

1D15: http://fkoz.feodosia.com.ua/main3.phtml?link=26

1D22 (1D20 looks almost the same): http://armsdata.net/russia/0135.html 

1D26: http://pribory-si.ru/catalog/4508/5021/ 


Ah, and of course these equipment uses for range-finding and lasing of precision ammunitions (Krasnopol, Krasnopol-M, Kitolov, Smelchak, Santimetr etc in Russia and Kvitnyk in Ukraine - but UKR army possibly has only 1D15 and 1D20 devices)

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