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Weathered/dusty SdKfz 251 Ausf. C halftracks

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Just uploaded a complete set of weathered/dusty SdKfz 251 Ausf. C halftracks - to here at GreenAsJade´s indispensable site.

This set will work for both CMRT and CMBN. But since they files are identical I´ve uploaded it only once - in the CMRT section.

The majority of the modding for this set has been made by yours truly, but in order to to save time I have reused a few of Aris´ 251 Ausf. D textures whenever possible (the guns of the 251c 9 and 251c 10 as well as the extra stuff on the 251c 7).

All vehicles come in normal and [muddy] versions.



16345334097_d4eaca20bf_b.jpgrek 2

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I´ve just discovered a bug in the bmp files for these vehicles. Unfortunately it means I might have to upload an updated set of mods.



Here´s my bug report from the tech forum:



While modding the textures of the SdKfz 251 C halftracks I have encountered a rather annoying problem:


The files of the hull bmp´s are pretty messed up. This is how:


The SdKfz 251c/1 does not use the bmp sdkfz-251c-hull file. Instead it uses the file: sdkfz-251c-7-hull


And the The SdKfz 251c/7 does not use the sdkfz-251c-7-hull, but instead it uses the file sdkfz-251c-3-hull


This makes it pretty hard - and somewhat frustrating - being a modder.


My questions for BFC are these:


  • Are you aware of this mess up?
  • Are you planning to fix or sumfink?


You see, I have recently released an entire mod set for the SdKfz 251 C and now I´d really like to know if I should fix this myself and upload a new mod set - or if I can count on this being fixed in a coming patch?


Please let me know which one.




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I´m hoping for a bit of help with this bug thing from a couple of you guys.


I´ve been told that the bug I described in the post above might only be a bug in my version of the game - rather than the game in general.


So I wanted to ask if one or preferable two of you could check to see how the vehicles skins load in your own game? Please remove your 251 C mods before doing so, to make sure the game loads the original bmp´s.


The bmp´s for the 251 C´s are exactly the same in CMBN and CMRT, but in my version of CMRT the hull bmp´s load in the wrong order - as described above and seen in the pic below.


The CMBN pic shows how the bmp´s should load.




15972142873_8d5bbd7259_b.jpg251C bug2





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I think I fixed one of the problems by editing the mdr file for the 251c/7. I sent a PM. New file in our dropbox. Let me know if it is good and I will fix the other problem. 


Thanks a lot for testing this too, Phil. I just wanted to comfirm that this wasn´t a problem that was isolated to my own version of the game.


I appreciate that you found a solution by editiing the mdr file, but I don´t think that is a feasible solution in the long run: That would mean that I would have to upload one set of mods for those who have edited their mdr files and one set for those who hasn´t.


The optimal solution in my opinion is that BFC fix this (or sumfink) - and now we have comfirmed that it is indeed not just a bug in my version of CMRT



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As you wish, possibly you could send along the corrected mdr files and have them load it with their modded bmps... 


Great idea - I hadn't thought about that!!


I' ve just tested your mdr file and it works perfectly. :)

Could you edit the 251c/1 file too?



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I sure could but I think I figured out what happened. Human error. Error? Error! Must sterilize! <...Nomad! Carry out your prime directive! > :D


Just swap the names of the 2 original files. 

sdkfz-251c-3.mdr and sdkfz-251c-7.mdr

Then test it and send those 2 renamed files along with the modded bmps.

Let me know if it works. Maybe I don't fully understand the problem if it does NOT work. :D

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