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Sniper Effectiveness

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Wow ! I can see that Snipers are really to effective in CMBN...


I have a stationary, but Tired German Conscript Sniper and getting 25-50% hits at around 200-250 yrds. One, against a moving Target, and another against a Target in Building...God forbide if I had a Vet Sniper in Good Order, then I probably wouldn't miss at all...Sigh. 



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I'm not sure if you saw this test I ran back in November. Snipers are very effective in "fire range" conditions but once some suppressive fire is put on them their accuracy goes way down.




Interesting results, of course, letting a sniper do that in the game would require really poor play.  But I never knew they were that accurate before receiving any return fire. Good to know.

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My snipers rarely hit anything....they just provide observation and a mild annoyance to enemy forces....."blam, ting!" miss...."blam, ting!" miss    repeat as necessary :)


Sounds a lot like my experience... And I tried to use them in a "sniper-ish" way, keeping them separate from the main force, using target arcs to keep them opening up like nutbars.. ugh. 

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My snipers never seem to even shoot. :(

Playing the BN:CW demo, the sniper team would get a spot from a high building one turn, I'd give them a target order the next turn, they'd shuffle about a bit, and the spot would go away. This seems to be typical of my sniper experience. Designated marksmen in squads do sometimes do pretty well when the squad's not being fired upon.

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