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Checking into the game- couple of questions

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I'm searching for a good, large-scale global WWII game and this one looks like it has a lot of potential.  Can someone tell me what the range is, in terms of starting and ending years?  Is it finite, where it ends at some set date?  Also, I believe the game features this but just to be sure, are seasons/weather and terrain accurately reflected and pose realistic obstacles in the areas we'd expect to see them?  Thanks in advance.



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Hi Justin


Firstly, welcome to the forum! :)


The campaign runs from September 1939 to potentially May 1947.


Weather and terrain effects are included, with different weather zones depending on the part of the planet, so yes, both will play the role in the war that you would expect. From snow to desert storms, rain to rough seas and ice... while taking up defensive positions in terrain is the best way to slow an enemy offensive.


If you want to give the game a try, you can always try one of our demos for free here:




And of course feel free to ask any further questions you might have here. :)



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