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CMBS v1.01 Patches are now available

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We've posted the PC and Mac v1.01 patches for you guys. To give you guys a head start it's not mentioned on the main page yet, but only on the Black Sea product page. This link should take you there.

This is what v1.01 patch addresses:

  • Roof armor of T-90 and T-72 tanks have been strengthened.

    Fixes to Bradley targeting logic: Bradley should now favor the 25mm autocannon over the TOW ATGM when engaging enemy APCs and IFVs at medium to short ranges.

    Resolved problem with the function of Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA).

    A Javelin-equipped team that has expended all of its missiles will successfully reload the Javelin after acquiring more missiles from another source.

    Resolved some AI force purchase issues for Tiny sized Quick Battles.

    Minor adjustments to Ukrainian APFSDS tank ammunition: T-64BV now uses 3BM32, BM Bulat and BM Oplot now use 3BM42.

    Ukrainian rifle squads can now successfully Acquire RPG-22 and RPG-26 rockets during Setup Phase.

    Updated a number of Quick Battle maps.

There are a few other minor things we're working on, but we didn't want to hold up the patch.



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Nice work BFC and Beta Testers - thank you!

A worthy combination of small and large fixes delivered very quickly. I've noticed a positive shift in your online presence with ChrisND's streaming and interactive chats, more frequent updates on the forum and now a substantive, responsive patch less than two weeks after the launch of a new title. How great is it to be at a point where the majority of fixes are gameplay/balance related instead of pertaining to the engine itself? Keep up the great work and congrats on Black Sea!




As an addendum, a couple minor art fixes snuck in too. If you didn't notice the original problems we're not going to point 'em out to you


I noticed the Corsar ATGM now seems to appear more readily.


Art/model related - do RUS platoon leaders really carry an AK-74 and an AK-74U as they presently do in Black Sea? I think I have spotted some PKP gunners toting around rifles in addition to their GPMG as well.

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You put everything in an empty folder, hit the setup exe and the rest is taken care of for you.

This is very important and until I saw it I couldn't get the installation to take. It doesn't mention that anywhere in the popup documentation.


I downloaded the zip file into the main Combat Mission Black Sea folder and unzipped it to the same place. When I tried to run the setup from there, it hung for about 20 minutes and then I got an error saying the install failed. After I moved the 4 files to another empty folder and ran the setup from there, it worked fine.

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I'm curious as to why Battlefront the files downloaded for Black Sea and the patch are simply named Files.zip rather than something more specific.  I'm not complaining and I had renamed the CMBS download and will rename the patch.  However, I could easily see others accidentally overwriting their 5 GB download.  

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