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Holding Fire???

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Hi Guys..

Im new to this very interesting sim. I'm a big CC fan but the 3D world of CM has me hooked! Anyway....I set up the Allies in the town to let the Germans get close enough for an ambush.....well....thats my plan anyway...

1. Why do units on HIDE always start shooting at distant targets? Mostly my 30 and 50 cal do. How do I stop them until I want them to shoot? I cant Ambush!!!

2. Why is it that leaders or HQ have the ambush command and nobody else? This does NOT make sense. I want my Bazooka team to stay put until that Tiger goes by and smack it in the rear.

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1) In the demo, hide tells your guys to hold fire until they get a 'good shot' on someone. If you want your guys to hold fire more, you have to use ambush markers. I hear tell that, due to popular demand, units hiding will hold fire longer in the final version.

2) It was decided, I think, that grunts wouldn't be able to really set up ambushes well without an HQ unit around for coordination. If you really need the ambush marker, you can have an HQ move into the ambush position with your bazooka, or just limit the los of the bazooka with the woods, to the point where the Tiger has to move past the woods and expose its side for the bazooka to see and fire at it. That's probably a better idea anyway, because it reduces the likelyhood of the Tiger spotting your bazooka team or your bazooka getting nervous and firing too early.

-John Hough

btw, have you read the manual? It seems to me, from rereading your post, that you might not understand that other units can target the ambush markers laid down by HQ units...

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Guest Big Time Software

Hi Lanzfeld,

Good questions and answers here. The official ones are:

1. Changed this a week or so after the demo. Units that are Hiding will only unHide if they are in mortal danger. Works great now.

2. Tanks and team weapons (bazookas, MMGs, etc.) can all Ambush on their own. So basically Squads are now the only units that can not.


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