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INTERDICTION ~ Tunguskas! Send Help .. ..


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Started the INTERDICTION scenario and found out one valuable thing already ~ UKR mortar teams are crap!


I targeted a TUNGUSKA with 3 mortar teams and all the shells hit everywhere but on the beast and he already shot down all five of my F-16s .. .. ouch .. ..


Are my mortars too far out? That would be my guess .. .. And you certainly don't want to get too close to that thing .. ..


What's the best way to engage that thing on the ground if you have no ATW?




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You have enough troops in that battle to not even need the air support. Attack all the way to the bridge, then wire it for demolition. 


And agree, I couldn't hit anything with the mortars. I think spotted arty is bugged in the game. 


(Awesome map, whoever made it.)

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It's a pretty soft vehicle.  Anything more than small arms is a pretty big threat to it.  It is however face wrecking if it sees you first.  


I agree.  I, once and only once, was able to take out a Tunguska with a well placed MG team.  The crew bailed, with a huge sigh of relief from me.  So it is possible to at least disable a Tungusska with 7.62mm MG fire.

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