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Nato tactical symbol icon replacements

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They are ready. Since there is no repository yet I have attached the .zip files here - they are only 400K or so each.


Here is the key:



I have a mod for the US including Ukraine (both red and blue sides) and a separate mode for the Russians.  My eventual plan is to create a Russian tactical symbol set because my preference is to play with the symbols used by the given army.  I do not know how long it will take me to get there but it will be a while.


US and Ukrainian icons



Russian icons


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Very very very nice job. Thanks for sharing"!!


Not only that, they are also partly transparent, which is practically a real luxury, but if anyone is in difficulty because he doesn't know the symbols it's the perfect time to learn (recognization tables are inside the mod)!


Compliments, this mod is done with dedication.

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Ian. Thank you. I absolutely love your cattacticalicons for BN, FI, and RT. Thank you for releasing them for Black Sea as well.

Good I am glad you like them. Thanks to every one for chiming in with comments. I hope you enjoy them.


It's good to have options.  


Ian, congrats on beating me to the punch.   B)

Yeah, I really did not think I would - I imagine I have a few PBEM opponents that are not happy with my turn rate over the last few days though :) Your preview looks very different so they will be two different choices for sure.

I meant to mention in the original post the these are based on a font from http://www.mapsymbs.com/. It is pretty useful for decorating maps etc. and worth checking out too.

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Thanks Ian, however the icons are rather small and hard to see as there seems to be a large amount of 'dead space' between the border of the icon and the classification.

There is more open space yes. I found I liked that. Having said that the last things I added are the mortars and MGs and the are not my favorites.

We will see what I do after playing with them some more.

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