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News and Music Mod (plus splash screen)


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Thanks for the comments, guys.


Much appreciated.


Mord - I know, I was slow off the mark. I can only apologise! :lol:


Boche - Music only download - http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/8nRrUFqM/file.html


agusto - 9 Blue and Red force loading screens can be downloaded here. Samples below.


Force selection download - http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/Al2veNNV/file.html






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This was very, very cool.  


Appreciate the good work.


BTW...Phil...IF you're reading this...NOW I have music for everything...my assumption is that something was left out or went wonky during my Mac Install...Blimey's startup, load, and AAR music works just fine.

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boche - Sorry but I wouldn't feel comfortable amending Saferight's stuff.


If you want to tweak your own downloaded version then I use a free prog called Fotosketcher (coloured pencil setting). Great little prog. Easily available on the internet. :)


Cheers mate jeje ofcourse. Thanks for the info.

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Only recently started playing CM, CMBS is my first CM game and loving it.

This mod is fantastic, I sometimes sit and listen to the News clips and the music before playing.

It not only adds a new level of immersion, but also, a sombre reminder that its an actual current day conflict.

Many thanks for this great mod

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Hey,  the links dont work anymore and i cant find the mod on the new repositories. Does anybody have copy? I ve always loved this mod.


EDIT: Found 'em!

If anybody still cares, the mod can be found here:


Edited by agusto
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On 2/4/2015 at 6:53 PM, Blimey said:

Similar to my mods for CMSF. Replacement 'choral' music with news snippets mixed in.

Great mod you made for Black Sea Music Blimey. I wondered if you have something planned for SF2?

For that matter; I've never heard your offering for Shock Force as mentioned in the thread. Would it be possible to upload and offer a link?  

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