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Does the krasnopol round work?

Schmoly War

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Yes, you need LOS and have a lazer designator to use precision rounds and they only come with the 152mm and 122mm artillery and 120mm mortars.


Yes, I have used it unsuccessfully against M1A2s in that same battle as their laser warning sensor alerted them and they displaced to outside of my LOS before the impact.

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Schmoly War,


Since I only belatedly realized I'd misunderstood your question, I'm going to go with that. I just posted a link in the Smel'chak thread giving the rundown on the Krasnopol, how it works (not quite the way even I thought), scale of ammo issue and more.




John Kettler

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For Russian FOs they have to have a lazer designator, you have to have a 120mm mortar or 122mm or 152mm artillery (they are the only ones with precision rounds), you have to pick Point target and then Precision should show as an option in the list of Heavy, Medium, Light etc.

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