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New CMRT Campaign: The Cross of Iron

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3 hours ago, Erwin said:

I have a "The Cross of Iron" and "The Cross of Iron v2" campaign files.

Anyone know what the differences are?

Erwin both of those were reworked versions of the original campaign based on user feedback. The one in the link above is the finalized version. 


29 minutes ago, Blazing 88's said:

...and I will add I have a zip file named Cross_of_Iron_Redux.  It seems the .cam file is the same name as the others, but not sure really.

I asked months ago in a thread about why the files from the repository were being uploaded to the Scenario Depot III with dashes added to the file names.  I asked this question, because I had spent approx. hour downloading scenario's until I realized I had all the scenarios I had just spent time downloading.  I never got a overwrite warning so I assumed I didn't have the scenarios...  I found out otherwise. 

Not a big deal, just kind of frustrating and I don't think I ever got a response to my question.

If I recall the redux version was the same as V2. 


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The Cross of Iron is a interactive story driven campaign of a German tank company from June 22, 1944 thru June 26. In this campaign you take the role of Hauptman Johan Clauss, Commander of 1.Kompanie,

Downloading now, this sounds like EXACTLY the sort of campaign I want to see more of. Leading a medium sized force through a campaign that has a personal element to it, with an actual narrative. So mu

Hi Hister Just want to point you - and everyone else - to a nice little feature in the new forum software: A special function for spoiler text.       Unfortunately, it is rather hard to find.

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5 hours ago, dwh said:

Thanks Michael, maybe its my system - same thing happened twice - get to 70% download, stops and cannot restart 

Hmm just not sure why it would stop at 70%. If you have not done so already disable your antivirus or firewall and see if that does the trick. That's the only thing I can think of that might block the download.


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2 hours ago, dragonwynn said:

Most have mods attached and the file size was just to big for the Depot so I use my dropbox. I can get you a list if you are interested.


AFAIK you can also add dropbox links to the description page. More people should get intel on your creation.

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