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New CMRT Campaign: The Cross of Iron

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The Cross of Iron is a interactive story driven campaign of a German tank company from June 22, 1944 thru June 26. In this campaign you take the role of Hauptman Johan Clauss, Commander of 1.Kompanie,

Downloading now, this sounds like EXACTLY the sort of campaign I want to see more of. Leading a medium sized force through a campaign that has a personal element to it, with an actual narrative. So mu

Hi Hister Just want to point you - and everyone else - to a nice little feature in the new forum software: A special function for spoiler text.       Unfortunately, it is rather hard to find.

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dragonwynn, I think there is a problem with the AI triggers in the link up at Kopys scenario, the red tanks appeared at the tree line and then didint move for the whole scenario, some red infantry did attack but got massacred due to the lack of armored support...



Possible spoiler alert!!!!!






I have attached a screen from the review map at the end of the scenario...


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I have reworked nearly this entire campaign to add more balance and correct issues that have been brought to my attention. The campaign storyline remains the same and I feel the campaign has finally reached the state that I orignially envisioned when I created it. It is still my favorite of all the ones I have done. The briefings and tweaks to the storyline have also been reworked for better information. Below is a list of corrections and enhancements.


1. 2. Kompanie with 1 Zug has been added to the core units to add some replacement forces that will appear at specific times in the campaign. Once they join 1. Kompanie they will continue through the campaign as core units.


2.  Mission 1: The dreaded first mission: I am sure I have been cussed many times for this one lol but it sets the storyline:


A. Added 2 pak43/88mm anti-tank guns to bolster the defense of the infantry.

B. Reduced the Russian artillery by removing one rocket battery. There is still a "stalins organ" to pipe music to you as well as standard artillery but this should balance out the "can of whoop ass"

C. Painted a larger and more random barrage area so the Russian artillery is more spread out. You will not know exactly where it will hit, maybe in a open field or maybe on your head. But this should reduce some of the initial damage.


3. Mission 2: Added a larger setup zone giving the player more defensive options with the exception of the wounded at the aid station. Also the exit zone has now been changed to a staging area with creditable points for the Germans.


4. Corrected a AI bug in two missions where Russian armor stopped moving.


5. Along with the addition of the 2.Kompanie to the core units, some missions will get additional support from "straggler" units picked up along the way.


6.  Changed the data parameters on the night mission to clear skies to hopefully improve LOS visibility that some players had issue with. It is still a night mission!


7. Reworked the Russian AI on the last mission to be more effective. They also get some reinforcements to compensate for the German reinforcements.


8. A few other missions had their setup zones added or modified to give the player more flexibility in setting up.


Here is a list of the units that participate in the campaign as well as the charcters involved:


1st SPz Kompanie, SPzAbt. 505 (Core Units)
1. Kompanie (Hauptman Clauss-Commander)
2. Kompanie-(Reinforcements)-Hauptman Reinhardt-Commander)

456th Infantry Regiment-256th Infantry Division
25th Panzergrenadier Division
25th Artillery Regiment
106th Panzer Brigade
655th sPzJagAbt
25th Panzergrenadier Aufklarung
1.Kompanie 5th Panzer Division


Hauptman Clauss-1.Kompanie, SPzAbt 505 (Commander)
Oberleutnant Haus-1.Kompanie

Leutnant Ackerman-HQ 1 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Beck-1 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Haffner-1 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Gerhardt-1 Zug, 1.Kompanie

Leutnant Gerst-HQ 2 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Freidrich-2 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Fuchs-2 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Jaeger-2 Zug, 1.Kompanie

Leutnant Katz-HQ 3 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Lenz-3 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Martz-3 Zug, 1.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Mayer-3 Zug, 1.Kompanie

Hauptman Reinhardt-2.Kompanie, SPzAbt 505 (Commander)
Oberleutnant Bach-2.Kompanie

Leutnant Koss-HQ 1 Zug, 2.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Schneider-1 Zug, 2.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Reichman-1 Zug, 2.Kompanie
Unteroffizer Weidling-1 Zug, 2. Kompanie

Oberstleutnant Klink-Regional Commander


16th Guards Rifle Division
2nd Guards Tank Corps
5th Artillery Corps
110th Motorized Battalion-5th Guards Army
312th Tank Battalion-5th Guards Army
11th Guards Rifle Division
362nd Tank Battalion-5th Guards Army
459th Rifle Regiment
63rd Guards Heavy Tank Regiment
881st SU Regiment
26th Guards Rifle Division
352nd Rifle Division
348th Guards Heavy SU Regiment
31st Guards Sapper Regiment
4th Guards Tank Brigade
20th Artillery Division



Hopefully these changes will make for a more enjoyable playthrough. It is still a tough campaign designed to simulate what the opening days of Operation Bagration were like from the German perspective. I would like to know if and when anyone is able to complete the entire campaign and what your thoughts are.


Here is the link to the new file.





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On 06/05/2016 at 5:53 AM, dragonwynn said:

Should be in your inbox now. Enjoy.


Could you please provide me also with a link for this campaign. I also would like to test your new black sea Chechenia campaign

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2 hours ago, Erwin said:

I have a "The Cross of Iron" and "The Cross of Iron v2" campaign files.

Anyone know what the differences are?

...and I will add I have a zip file named Cross_of_Iron_Redux.  It seems the .cam file is the same name as the others, but not sure really.

I asked months ago in a thread about why the files from the repository were being uploaded to the Scenario Depot III with dashes added to the file names.  I asked this question, because I had spent approx. hour downloading scenario's until I realized I had all the scenarios I had just spent time downloading.  I never got a overwrite warning so I assumed I didn't have the scenarios...  I found out otherwise. 

Not a big deal, just kind of frustrating and I don't think I ever got a response to my question.

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