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New CMRT Campaign: The Cross of Iron

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Hello Dragonwynn,


i played the 6th scenario against the Josef Stalin tanks today. A lot of fun and a really hard fight. One Josef Stalin took 13 hits in a head to head shootout at 900 m before he exploded. The only chance to survive this map is to make flanking manouvres with the Tigers to get the Stalins from the side and behind. Lost 2 Tigers and took all three winning areas. Really good stuff, congratulation. :)


To my regret, you really frustrated me afterwards.  :(  I had to choose, if i lead a breakthrough or attack a supply depot. My ammunition was nearly at 0, so i had no choice and went on with the supply depot mission. In the briefing i read with surprise, that i only have the 1. platoon for this scenario. A platoon, that fought from the beginning of the campaign and lost logically some Tigers throughout the maps.


So i ended in the setup-area with 1 Tiger and 4 Halftracks. Heavily frustrated, i saw no chance to go on with the campaign and put the cease-fire button. ...I wanted to see, what i would have been against with my single Tiger. 4 Paks and 5-6 122mm Panzerjäger + really good recon infantry on russian side.


Suggestion: Bring up some replacement tanks during the campaingn, for example strugglers (Panthers for example), which become new core-units.

14 Tigers are not enough for such a difficult and long campaign.

By the way, what size has the campaign, how many maps must a player win in the campaign?

Fear not my friends help is on the way. As previously stated I am revising the entire campaign and your dilema in this battle will be addressed as I have added a additional platoon to take the depot already. I realized that I had trimmed down the fat a little to much so to speak so this has already been addressed in my revison. I will finalize and upload the new cam file soon.

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The Cross of Iron is a interactive story driven campaign of a German tank company from June 22, 1944 thru June 26. In this campaign you take the role of Hauptman Johan Clauss, Commander of 1.Kompanie,

Downloading now, this sounds like EXACTLY the sort of campaign I want to see more of. Leading a medium sized force through a campaign that has a personal element to it, with an actual narrative. So mu

Hi Hister Just want to point you - and everyone else - to a nice little feature in the new forum software: A special function for spoiler text.       Unfortunately, it is rather hard to find.

Posted Images

The Cross of Iron (Redux)  https://www.dropbox.com/s/bp2j5c693zyw5ds/The%20Cross%20of%20Iron.cam?dl=0


Ok I have reworked the entire campaign with the following changes based on player feedback:


1. All scenarios gave been reset back to follow the original storyline. However some missions will have setup zones added so the player can have some flexibilities in setting up their forces. Other scenarios have no setup options. These will present you with certain challenges that the storyline follows. This campaign is designed to be played through the eyes of one man, Clauss, and the challenges he is faced under very difficult situations. Its up to you as Clauss to work through these challenges and continue.


2. I spent a good deal of time trying to reach a balance for the player and still hold the challenge. Most scenarios have either additional forces for the Germans either as reinforcements or additional support units or have reduced Soviet assets like artillery. (The first mission that everyone had such difficulty with has been revised with better defenses for the Germans as well as repositioning of the German infantry into a more effective defense. However it still retains the spirit that it is a rest area so there is no setup zone. You must react to the Soviet assault and use the available forces to prevail.)


3. Script has been adjusted so that now achieving a draw will advance you to the next mission. Also increased some of the refit and resupply parameters to simulate recovered ammo and supplies from destroyed vehicles or supply yards. These were minor increases however.


4. AI has been adjusted in most scenarios to correct a few issues or to offer a better challenge. Most missions will play out a little differently than the previous campaign.


5. Made a few refinements to the story either to correct some grammar or to adjust the spacing as was requested by one player for easier reading. Also added more detail to some of the briefings to reflect the changes made in each mission.


This campaign is not easy and it was designed as such. It can be won however but will require patience and solid planning. Once again this is one mans fight through the hell of war that was Operation Bagration. In the end I hope you will find the challenges and story worthwhile and feel like you have indeed accomplished something to feel good about. i hope the changes prove satisfactory for all who give it a try. The dropbox link is above for the latest .cam file. I also will do a complete upload to GAJ with the modtag files.


Of course any additional suggestions or comments are welcome.


Best of Luck



Oh to answer Mars42 there are either 8 or 9 missions depending on the decisions you make to complete the campaign.

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I was crushed in the first mission. Clauss died when a T-34 plugged his Tiger from the side. Lost all but one Company commander in the rocket artillery barrage plus the Regiment commander and his XO. Left line broke, Tigers got overwhelmed.

Have to see if my luck changes next time.

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I started the redux version of COI last night, wow the first mission is hard, very good though...

I have had a rethink on tactics and am trying again tonight, I 'm going to try and build my defence around the small village, using the buildings to cover the flanks of the tigers as much as possible.... wish me luck, im going to need it :-)

I have one question, what do you guys do with the poor infantry? Do you hide them in your trenches and hope for the best, or rush them back and away from the arty?

Very good mission and I'm sure campaign, thanks :-)

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Hi Histor, I am at work at the moment, will post a short AAR later with a few pics, luckily I am a bit OCD about saving so I have over 20 saves I can go back to, I will screen capture a few just to give a basic outline of my deployment and on how the battle progressed :-)

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Although Hister don't get to excited, I only have 2 tigers left so I dont know how I will fare in the campaign as a whole, but the deployment around the buildings shows promise, maybe if they where slightly better positioned I could have had around 5 left... like a said I will post some pics later :-)

I have time for a p.s(on break)

Around half of the infantry survived, the AT gun on the left took out quite a few t34s and didn't have any casualties, the panzershrecks did some good work also...

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For some reason, I have accidentally quit out of the thread twice after uploading a number of pics Grrr PC rage :)


Now its telling me I cant upload any more screens as they are now to big, they are well under the file size limit, is there a daily limit to how much you can upload?


Here are the after action stats, at least I managed to upload that... click on the pic for a bigger image...




I will try and get the hang of FRAPS and the battlefront upload editor and post the rest of the pics tomorrow...Cheers :)

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One thing you might try is pull all the Tigers to the left flank where you can focus all your fire power on the assault wave coming from that direction. Once they have been thinned you can flank attack to the right and catch the middle wave in the sides. The infantry may be able to delay the right flank wave until you can catch them either from behind or from the sides also. This worked for me in one of my test runs pretty well. The key is to get all the Tigers moving out of the main brunt of the artillery barrage.

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Started the 2nd mission last night, the Soviets love there artillery don't they :-)

This is are a really good campaign so far dragonwynn, I have 2 questions...

Small spoiler alert for 2nd mission....

Do your tigers ever get replaced or get there ammo replenished? I know I'm grasping at straws here ;)

In 2nd mission the brief is a tad vague about the objectives, I get the hold treatment station one, the exit one puzzles me, do I have to move the trucks to the exit objective?


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Yes you want to exit the wounded in trucks as they cost points to lose. If you move them quick the only real threat is the artillery. You will get ammo a bit later and you get other armor to assist in different scenarios. I was trying to simulate how it probably would have been in the first few days of the offensive.

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Spoiler alert....







Managed to beat the 2nd mission, I didn't hold the aid station but stopped the Soviet tanks and infantry before they managed to get near the wounded exit point, a defense in depth with panzerschrecks and fausts spaced at intervals down the various approach roads, they thinned out the t-34s and the 2 tigers I had left over from the 1st mission destroyed the ones that made it across the stream...



Thank you for this campaign dragonwrynn, it really is awesome, I have a choice to make now  :)


Here are the end of game stats... again click on the image for a bigger pic...



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