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Great base game - would like to see EU + PLA in the future!

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Haven't played a combat mission since CMBB. On a whim I picked up Red Thunder and Black Sea and I'm freaking loving these games, especially Black Sea. The US and Russian armies are so much fun to play around with and it makes me wish for a chance to see some Leopard 2A7s, Leclercs, C1s, Challenger 2s, and Type 99s out there in addition to the M1s and T90s. 


But why stop there? How about some Al-Khalids, Arjuns, Type 10s, and K2s as well . 


Why stop with  Russia, Ukraine and the USA? Let's see the EU (UK, Ger, Fra, Ita), PRC, RoK, DPRK, Indian Union, Japan, and IRP too!

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Because that's a long list and a lot of work for each model, let alone each country. Plus most non European ones would need a whole separate game, as there's no reason you should expect to see North Koreans in Ukraine.

There will be new modules and new countries down the road, but for CMBS they will be ones that can realistically be expected in this conflict. In the meantime, check out CM:Shock Force. You can get your Leapords and Challengers there.

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