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What do you guy's do after you lose a scenario?

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I close down the computer and go in the garden to take care of the lawn. The problem,that obliges me to play only few months of the year when the lawn needs care. More seriously, I don't play again the scenario before few months, just the time to forget about the beating I got and how it happened.

The next time I play it, I take care of the lawn once more. No Wonder the lawn is like one of a golf !

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Losing? What's that :D

Oh, you want a serious answer. What these guys said:


In Single Player, I mostly ragequit and try again later. In PBEM, I discuss how fun the mission was, with my partner. Somehow, taking casualties from a real opponent feels more "fair".


What I've found myself doing every time - analyzing, learning from my own mistakes. The enemy is your greatest teacher, cuz he can show you your weaknesses.  Knowing that every loss makes me better obviously helps.


I try to analyse what went wrong and why. Then get back at it again. Not going over the AAR screen helps if you want to keep the FOW in the next atempt. In campaigns, I just continue with the loss if the campaign allows it.

I lie awake at night thinking about it.

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LOL! Yeah, like everyone else, after the ragequit or reloading from a better turn, I try to figure out what I did wrong. Usually, it ends up being too rushed. Spreading my men out, creeping and oozing as if it were me down in that ditch, makes all the difference.


Then, I try again (hoping that there is a new TacAI plan waiting), and see if I can do better.

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