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What do you guy's do after you lose a scenario?


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From my old scenario building days (I haven't done any for awhile) I've perfected the art of *making believe* I don't know where opposing units are. :)

I tell myself for the sake of testing I am 'officially unaware' that that clump of trees hold a mg nest. If I decide to target it I ask myself "Would someone who was unaware of the mg nest target that location?" If you sufficiently delude yourself you can get 2-3 good run-throughs before finally cracking and shelling every known enemy location on the map for spite.  ;)  :D

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I am not into crying as a coping strategy, but I can't help feeling a bit sad. One of the saddest memories I have was in the A Temple to Mars scenario in CMFI. Far too many GI's lied strewn on those snowy slopes.


Oh god, I'm in the middle of that one and it's like Verdun.


There's men all over the map, cradling their buddies' bodies and sobbing. Some are running in little circles. We've broken in to an enemy position and ... there's more of them :o

My men also appear to have mastered the art of shooting over the enemy's heads ( one guy fired a full Tommygun clip at 2 fleeing Germans at 30-40m and missed ) whereas all the Germans have Richthofen-like accuracy :(


I started with quite a lot of men. It aint gonna end like that. :huh: I'm going to need every strategy in this thread even if I win ( seems unlikely )

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In Single Player, I mostly ragequit and try again later. In PBEM, I discuss how fun the mission was, with my partner. Somehow, taking casualties from a real opponent feels more "fair".


What I've found myself doing every time - analyzing, learning from my own mistakes. The enemy is your greatest teacher, cuz he can show you your weaknesses.  Knowing that every loss makes me better obviously helps.

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I commit seppuku. Every time. After my second has chopped off my head and replaced it with a better one, i try to figure out which tactical mistakes lead to my defeat and play the scenario again. Usually that leads to a completely different approach on my side, which keeps the scenario interesting during the 2nd play through and additionally i learn something that way. Exceptions are campaign missions and PBEM of course. During campaigns is usually accept defeat and carry on if my losses allow it, during PBEMs i am can accept loosing too. Loosing doesnt feel as bad when playing a human opponent, probably because a real opponent is actually inetlligent which then AI is not. Most scenarios are designed in a way so that the player can win vs. the AI, so if you loose, you ve probably made one or several severe mistakes. A human, on the other hand, might just be better than you, so even if you dont do anything really stupid there is a good chance of loosing.

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