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Dropbox it is then.   ENJOY

Another progress report:     Another question, tactical markings, yay or nay?   Example: http://i.piccy.info/i9/b8c123787bcaa4f484acfffc80f947e5/1421705561/24359/857457/6.jpg

After several stages I think I've found what looks most authentic in CMBS's lighting (T-90AM in the middle):  

Posted Images

If I were you I'd split the file in parts, following the families of vehicles for each part (MBT, BMP3, BMP2, MTLB, BTR, Softskin/AA, BRDM2 etc.

If you made the normal maps the size is double, if you just ignore them (game will use vanilla ones) you halve the size of the files.

Winrar makes the file less than half the original size.


If you need a quick program to generate normal maps, I use ssbumpgenerator. Easy and free.

Crazybump is great (lets you preview), but it will be free for some time only.

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Alright, for testing purposes:


T-72/90 tanks-




Soft-skin vehicles-




BMP-3 series-




MT-LB series-




Sorry it's not compressed, a bit of an oversight of mine. BMP-3 and MT-LB files are a bit heavier, but give them a try if you wish. I am mostly satisfied with how these vehicles look with some toning and tweaking left to do. 

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You could even randomize the numbers, or place them in order if you wanted.

Tell me more! I was definitely planning to add tactical markings, but I wanted to skip numbers. There are currently more fundamental flaws I have to correct first (like that damn MT-LB line being way too bright), but proper numbering is something I almost certainly would like to implement. 

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The numbers would go in order but would be very rough and maybe not entirely proper. It would entail creating the same texture file for any given vehicle with different numbers on it. 001, 002, 003, 004, 101, 102, 103, etc.


So you would have multiple textures of mtlb-texture.bmp for example, with different numbering on each one.


Then naming them in the following convention:



mtlb-texture 1.bmp

mtlb-texture 2.bmp

mtlb-texture 3.bmp

mtlb-texture 4.bmp


and so on.


The game will choose these textures in numbering order to use, if you put 001 on mtlb-texture.bmp, then 002

mtlb-texture 01.bmp


MTLBs ingame will be displayed in numbering in that order.

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