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Kieme CMBS modular buildings add on 1 (HD)


Important !!! this mod does not change any file of the game, it simply ADDs 4 new modular buildings types you can choose from the editor while making a completely new map.


Download link:



Previews in previous replies.



-additional building (modern highrise, brown, light weathering)

-additional building (modern highrise, white, medium weathering)

-additional building (industrial concrete, light grey, light weathering)

-additional building (industrial concrete, light grey, with rollup doors, light weathering)

-dedicated new doors and windows for each



Note: this mod is in HD (2x the size of original textures), therefore it will ask more resources to your system and it could slow down your game.


Note to scenario designers:

if you wish to use the buildings of this add-on please remember that:

-if a player without this mod/add-on will use a scenario made using this mod/add-on as an option the said player will see the buildings in game but with one of the 8 original textures, being those modded or not..

-the roll up doors in building no.12 do not work in game, they are just aesthetics

-the windows seen on middle facades of buildings 9 and 10 don't work in game, but you can use the long windows + balconies) to match the facade and make it servicable -and yet visually pleasant- in game, see this example:


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Posted Images

Most of the crap was ready before the game released, did some modding the two weeks the game was late and CMSF ports were easy.


I did a little bit of CMSF porting myself. No sense letting good mods stagnate and seeing that a lot of dudes never played CMSF (or haven't played in years) the older files will sound new to them anyway.




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Thank you Kieme, fantastic work!

so i assume i should order my abrams to give the precedence at your crossroads, right?


Hehe, presence of tanks is another con against having stripes on the roads.


A preview of the modular roofs, mod ready at 25%:


Vanilla roof:



Modded roof:


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Kieme CMBS modular roofs pt. 1 mod


After a test I noticed that doubling the resolution was not giving much visual impact, that's why I decided to go with the standard definition version, therefore this mod does not affect game performance.

I will surely make a standard definition version for the modular buildings mod too as soon as the roofs are finished.

This mod covers the "high angle" roofs in game, lower angle ones will come in part 2 (flat roofs covered by buildings mod already)






-new roofs (2 ceramic tiles, 3 metal plates)

-new gables (2 cinder blocks, 1 wood, 2 concrete)

-new damaged versions






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Kieme - brilliant work so far. Loved your CMSF stuff. Great to see the new additions to CMBS.


I wondered if future releases might add the option for bullet pock marks or other battle damage to some of the concrete/plaster work on the buildings? Or ripped posters/grafitti? Give it a grim, fought over look.


I saw some of your windows have bullet holes. B)

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Bilmey, thanks a lot.


Your idea of adding battle damage is great. The only limitation I can see is that building facades should look nicely at the beginning of a battle, since you can't say for sure fights have happened there already. Sure, there are some examples like Donetsk airport in the actual crisys, where a building has been in the middle of a battlezone for months and it surely shows that...


First of all I'd think about a [Tagged] version of the buildings, maybe only half of the facades, with a lot of battle damage, scars, bullet holes, but also black flame residuals and explosion impacts. Could be useful if someone wants to depict a long contested battlezone.

Other than the [Tag] option battered buildings as a Whole mod version, for those who like that it would be possible as an alternative download.

Finally, I should have done more on the destroyed roof textures, at least the top part of the building could be much more battered than those I left. problem is roofs are really boring to do and there's a lot to be done already that those details I left out completely.


So it's either make an alternative version of the mod, with some battle damage added to all buildings or make a variation with the [tag] system. Problem is I don't know how many would use that tag mod in the end...

Edited by Kieme(ITA)
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Kieme CMBS modular roofs pt. 2 mod






-new roofs (3 metal plates)

-newgables (1 cinder blocks, 2 concrete)

-new damaged versions


Note:  standard definition version, therefore this mod does not affect game performance






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Kieme CMBS alternative walls (STANDARD)





Standard version of the same resolution of the vanilla game files, for people with less capable computers. This mod will not influence game performance.

DO NOT install if you already installed Kieme CMBS alternative walls (HD)!





Kieme CMBS improved roads (STANDARD)





Standard version of the same resolution of the vanilla game files, for people with less capable computers. This mod will not influence game performance.

DO NOT install if you already installed Kieme CMBS improved roads (HD)!





Kieme CMBS modular buildings (STANDARD)





Standard version of the same resolution of the vanilla game files, for people with less capable computers. This mod will not influence game performance.

DO NOT install if you already installed Kieme CMBS modular buildings (HD)!

Edited by Kieme(ITA)
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Recall topic, here is a list of all the mods released until now, complete with download links.


Please be careful to distinguish High Definition (HD) and Standard versions (where not specified, consider it a Standard version). 


HD mods are made using textures 2 times larger, in resolution, than the original game files, providing a much detailed view effect at close distance at the expense of computer resource usage, therefore HD mods can slow down your computer and should be used only if you have good FPS (frames per second); in case you can try to use them and see if your machine doesn't slow down too much.

Standard versions are there for those with less powerful computers, being of the very same resolution as the original textures they have no effect on FPS. There's no other difference between Standard and HD mods but for the resolution.

Please note that there's no ground mod standard version as per now, because it will take quite some work to be done well and for now it's not a priority.


There are no new mods on this list, so be sure to download what you need or missed. Please browse this forum thread if you look for more information and previews.


List of released mods until now:


Kieme CMBS ground mod (HD) pt. 1 https://app.box.com/s/ywtyid56b1t7dphm4fg7et7668q0egdg


Kieme CMBS ground mod (HD) pt. 2 https://app.box.com/s/2arjajmarl8gd33j3j3bad939iks1n9l


Kieme CMBS alternative crops https://app.box.com/s/7aia2idxkivf2hfm8r7w6dzrnsf11piz


Kieme CMBS reworked foliage https://app.box.com/s/1s1yiq0fab62k5vrxf1jwjax2wix1o7x


Kieme CMBS reworked horizons https://app.box.com/s/qcxm6o3sx6wztbtreszl3cd0qamdkrm8


Kieme CMBS alternative overcast clouds https://app.box.com/s/uz4z8t8crw7vbaiijwju3wq9ttmjoqfi


Kieme CMBS improved doodads https://app.box.com/s/6zw49zm80pzq860yd3q3p05qdl9ld8ws


Kieme CMBS alternative walls (HD) https://app.box.com/s/syqg4s9yz98y4vw8it85ik1b08fb2nh4

Kieme CMBS alternative walls (Standard) https://app.box.com/s/spaavfymtt7r10ipzbgyx6uimvvyrmdh


Kieme CMBS modular buildings (HD) https://app.box.com/s/lriagz6nrjlo1m6y2eke1u99f5jowptc

Kieme CMBS modular buildings (Standard) https://app.box.com/s/qi57mtpha80f3x1r2dr8ia52nze8iico


Kieme CMBS modular buildings add-on 1 (HD) https://app.box.com/s/3whq3ye3oxl5k1ru6qsj7b68xyp0ffxx


Kieme CMBS improved roads (HD) https://app.box.com/s/9b827rv64gjyugzt0yk9jx7f6gnhra04

Kieme CMBS improved roads (Standard) https://app.box.com/s/nzfq3kb1g3pwh197l3rz23vvoumvhbvp


Kieme CMBS modular roofs pt. 1 https://app.box.com/s/5yoz7chtwhu3c95nbrlaub62hs2h0fv9


Kieme CMBS modular roofs pt. 2 https://app.box.com/s/2jb4hzgcv2u0tqk9kemmodn5b44qklnh



Top downloaded file is: Kieme CMBS modular buildings (HD) - 201 downloads

Least downloaded file is: Kieme CMBS modular buildings add-on 1 (HD) - 57 downloads

Dowloads for a total of 100 GB circa until now.


Plans for next mods:


Personally, I am very fond of the base color for Ukrainian vehicles, and I wouldn't change it too much. Weathering should be added to all vehicles, not too intense though.

Some vehicles might be Worth alternative camouflage (T-64 Bulat, T-84 Oplot).

US vehicles have a very nice camouflage already, they should get some weathering as well.

Russian vehicles, a mess. I really don't like most of the base colors, and might be waiting for BTR's mods before doing anything with them.



No intentions to mod infantry or uniforms. I feel like weapons could be weathered a bit to make them less "toy" like. otherwise I really like the uniforms, might be nice to add some of Aris' faces from other CM games. 

I might desaturate russian camouflage, but that's just a personal taste.


Independent buildings!

Some of them are ok, some are not for me. I'd like to mod those but it takes a lot of time. Tanks a Lot barns should fit CMBS as well (the large ones for sure). It's Worth to try a port.


Could use a lot of love, tried modding them, but it takes a lot of time. Might do the road ones just for the sake of adding the same road type of the modded roads.


Flavor objects!
Yeah, not much to notice here, but the larger objects could use higher resolution textures.


More modular buildings!
add-on number 2 is already half ready, 4 more buildings which will bring the total to 16 options if creating a new scenario.

Another version of the modular buildings, with "combat effects", should be added as a [Tagged] version.



Highway Tiles could be modded, but in my opinion the only good highway is the one going NS and EW... I could try to port a [tagged] mod to use those Tiles for airport and military installation scenarios.

Edited by Kieme(ITA)
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Modding vehicles takes a lot of time, because each must be tailored with care.


BTR, if you release a mod of yours I might try to add weathering, unless you do some already. Because I personally like the effect on CM vehicles.



First attempt on a T-64BV, very few layers, just some rain stains and light dusts. 


What's your opinion? Should the vehicles display more weathering? less weathering? What kind of?





Vanilla for comparison:


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