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It appears that some modular buildings (building 1 and 8 to be precise) have a transparency issue like in the following screenshot:


(you can see through windows textures like they are not there)

I'll try to do something about it too

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Crikey, I cannot believe the amount of juicy goodness buried away in this thread!!!!


@Kieme, just a little suggestion; currently your signature link of 'CM Black Sea Modding' links to the start of this thread. As we know, the BF forums don't allow you to back edit your posts after a few hours; this means everyone new to this thread (e.g. those clicking on your signature link)  has to start at the end, and work backwards, to find your last summary post. Assuming (that is) that they know there is even a summary post (it took me 5 minutes before I even realized there was one, and then another 5 before I found the most recent one!!).


Instead, I'd suggest linking your BS modding signature link to this post, and updating the link whenever you create a new summary post:


This is the post you want users landing on: instantly I can see the sheer volume of goodness you've churned out for BS. I'll be DLing ALL the BS stuff tonight for the UKR and Russkies, as that's where my PBEM's all are currently!


Thanks for your amazing efforts!




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On 12/16/2015 at 4:24 AM, DougPhresh said:

I'm having an issues with BMP-2M. The Turret looks correct from a distance but changes to standard BMP-2 up close. kHKyq8q.jpg

After playing around with Mdr files I strongly suspect it's reading an Mdr file not meant for that particular vehicle. Game bug.

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No, I think what occurs is in the bmp-2m mdr file set. The main mdr and his 4 lod-1 thru lod-4 buddies...one of the lod files has an incorrect entry and references the bmp-2 hull and NOT the bmp-2m hull.

I don't have full CMBS just the demo.

If anyone wants to send them to me, I can check and try to fix it.

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