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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

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Made this as a joke out of boredom.      

Another poster of my recent BMP-3/3K Mod: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6650

Okay, I lied.  One more picture.  While trying to decide what scenario to do an AAR on, I found I needed to really tweak stuff around to get nighttime looking good. Video here: https://i.img

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At first i was getting pissed i couldn't get LOS with my Javs then this happened


Presumably it was an exasperated old-timer: "Stop mucking about with yer fancy technology and watch how a real man does it!"


At present I'm chewing my way through some QBs just to get used to everything and I have to keep stopping to film impressive stuff. We've got the plucky enemy ATGM gunner getting the Fulda Gap treatment who tries to be a hero:



Should have stayed in his hole.


And the first time I've gotten wrong-footed by the AI: "Oh, those tanks will go around the woods and we'll hit them in the flanks with the RPGs..." WRONG.



How my two T-90s ended up on the enemy flank for the last bit of footage was epic, but I pressed the big red button instead of 'play' to film the replay and lost the opportunity. They charged through enemy infantry pinned down by a torrent of small arms fire and popped up at point-blank range next to the enemy tanks. Crazy stuff.

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Haha, Saferight. Nice shots, you should give that guy with the M203 a medal. What was the range? Must have been something like 300m. Also awesome combination of sound mods you have there.


Actually it was with a m320 so maybe it was some of that German wunder technology at work.The sounds are all Waclaw's excellent work.



Presumably it was an exasperated old-timer: "Stop mucking about with yer fancy technology and watch how a real man does it!"


Ya i thought the same to myself

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Anyone noticed that in my MGS video, it hit the only place where thé 105mm could achieve a penetration, the t-90am's gun mantlet .. Anywhere else its stopped by Relikt and I have a dead MGS and a dead squad! I thought i could surprise it and get a side shot but the laser warning disrupted my plans. Should really not lase at short battlesight range.

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Today: Teamwork for pros. Lesson one.


Task one:




An Ukrainian Tank, hiding in the forrest. How do you solve this problem?

Correct! Use your artillery spotter to mark the tank and fire some precision artillery!

Then wait six minutes and watch the guided shells hit the trees instead.





Destroying them and allowing your tank to see the enemy tank!




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You guys watch to much porn...but now that we are talking of it, watch this video closely:



and then look at this image from a frame at around 1:05..




Am i the only one who sees it?


I know its off-topic, just a little excursion.

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