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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread


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Nice videos Reiter!


On your second video @ 0:03 there was a "Ricochet into: opening". What the heck was that? I have never seen a notification like this before.




It means a ricocheting bullet went into an opening in a vehicle. In a recent game I had an F-16 drop a 800 lb bomb into the hatch of a T-90. "hit: opening" was a bit of an understatement.


Also if you look at the CM:RT screenshot thread you'll see a T-34 catastrophically exploding after a burst of MG fire into the open driver's hatch detonated the ammo.

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Speak English, please. (grumbles and goes and looks up the blasted designator, then screams) Just when I had learned the confounded thing via the missile designator, you come up with the launch platform instead! I thought it might be, and my hunch was right. Here's an excellent vid of what appear to be two different versions of Krizantema. Is one a prototype and the other the production model?

Interesting video, and while the launch sequences look authentic, there is no way of knowing if the target hits are actually from the same missile and I would suspect that they are file footage from other systems. The tank and the bunker almost looked like it could have been placed explosive charges detonating rather than the missile. This is a pretty new system and there aren't a lot of them fielded yet. Russia undoubtedly has similar issues to any other military which is a reluctance to live fire a lot of real missiles because they ain't cheap. 


The two different versions you see are actually the launcher vehicle and the battery command vehicle, both of which are on the BMP-3 chassis. The launcher vehicle itself is the 9P157-2. The vehicle that comes out first in the beginning of the video is probably the 9P157-4 which is the battery command vehicle. It is also visible at the very end. The launcher has the turret removed and has that stowable radar dish but the command vehicle still has a modified BMP-3 turret on it with only the coax machine gun as armament. The other bling items on the command vehicle are battlefield surveillance radar, daytime TV camera, and jamming suites.

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  :D What are the odds of this happening? 1/10000? And does an 800 lb bomb even fit through the hatch?


Why not? In 1943 the Norden company rented Madison Square Garden and folded their own show in between the presentations of the Ringling Bros Circus. Their show involved dropping a wooden "bomb" into a pickle barrel, at which point a pickle popped out.

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A preview/teaser of my next Let's Play: Valley of Death.


I'm taking a break from some Normandy AARs and have been slowly grinding through this a few turns a night. This little attack on a US Platoon was a bright spot in a battle that had been sweat-inducing up until this point. Around 20 minutes after this little assault, almost all the ground gained was lost in one, crushing counterattack by a M1A2 platoon. :) At the time of this post, I've finally blunted the powerhouses and am attempting to finish off the remaining US forces.



An interesting mission!

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