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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread


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Just now, Erwin said:

Welcome back.  Wondered what happened to you.

Was a little busy. Actually I still am its just I got few mods done so I've decided to visit forums to share info about them. My time is limited so I'm not going to hangout a lot around here. Yet, everytime when decent amount of content will be produced I will be publishing it here. + I wondered if any new games came out. 


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5 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Glad all is well with you.  I think I have everything you produced up to the June 17(?) Ukr Ground Forces one (seen just above).  And am enjoying using them in the TOC scenario tests.   Is there anything else I missed?

In my Modding Space I've aploaded everything what is avaliable at the moment. 

Everything is supported by screenshots and by links to download. I don't think you missing anything. Yet, if you enjoy what you see I would really appreciate you hitting that "heart" button. P.S. If something big will be coming out - I will msg you directly. 


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I've been exposed! It's not. I have a levels shader that makes the image darker. Thought it made a more dramatic image.

Edit: lol looking at the images on my phone in the hot sun on my way to lunch gives some perspective. Looks fine on my computer but right now they're just black rectangles😁

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