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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

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In my Modding Space I've aploaded everything what is avaliable at the moment.  Everything is supported by screenshots and by links to download. I don't think you missing anything. Yet, if you enj

Okay, I lied.  One more picture.  While trying to decide what scenario to do an AAR on, I found I needed to really tweak stuff around to get nighttime looking good. Video here: https://i.img

Another poster of my recent BMP-3/3K Mod: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6650

Posted Images

I was thinking more of their effects in game, I believe some of the Ukrainian units still rely on the Mk.1 Eyeball, but everything else seems to have NVG across the board.

Fascinated to see where you go with this, as I've said elsewhere, the CM engine seems well suited to the Vietnam conflict and it's one that I'd very much like to see covered.  B)

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On 7/8/2017 at 3:36 PM, TheForwardObserver said:


Very, very cool.  


Speaking of photos, I was using Photobucket for my screenshots.  Photobucket is now holding all screenshot 3rd party hosting hostage for a $400 a year ransom.  Nothing grandfathered in.  However I see many people still have screenshots on this thread.  What are you using?    

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I have never been a fan of a CM-Vietnam.  But, there are some CMSF scenarios that use mods for the African jungle and also Pacific and they were very enjoyable to play. 

So... hope you can design a comprehensive Pacific Area/Island mod that would be good for WW2 (as well as Vietnam and also modern re possible Chinese/Korean conflict).

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The URL on that image says Photobucket, I guess TFO has a full account with them.....Picturetrail still offer hosting IIRC (I've got a couple of accounts for modelling), but the images are small and the hosting limit is tiny. 

In other words I'd welcome some suggestions on this front too.  ;)

PS - Just signed up with Imgur:  http://imgur.com/


Yup.....That works, dead easy too!  B)

PS - Forgot to say, cracking work on the NVA uniform TFO, very impressive indeed.


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I decided to host my images for posing on my own web site using Piwigo gallery. I now have that running on my site and I am using the extension Piwigo2Img to generate [ IMG ] tags or [ URL ] tags for insertion into posts.

That gives me a solution nearly as easy as Photo Bucket but totally under my control. My hosting service offers support for Piwgo gallery so the install was a piece of cake.

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I use Imgur too.

I insert images one of two ways

1. I'm lazy and "copy image address" from the image on imgur and paste it here.  The forum software converts it to an image embed automagically.

2. I'm not lazy and "copy image address" from the image on imgur and insert an "h" "l" [Lima] "m" or "s" at the end of the filename to use the thumbnail.

E.g. "http://i.imgur.com/NwQOIk6.png" pasted will automatically turn into an embedded full-size image hotlinked to Imgur.

http://i.imgur.com/NwQOIk6h.png displays a huge thumbnail, while http://i.imgur.com/NwQOIk6m.png shows a medium thumbnail.  I can then edit it in the editor here to link to the full res image like the first link


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