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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread


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Here are a few images from my first scenario. As good as Battle for Normandy is, I can't help but wonder if Black Sea will soon mature and surpass it as BFC's masterpiece. What an embarassment of riches.

Wary of possible UAV observation and the threat of precision fire, a RUS assault recon unit coils its way through a tree line in order to mask its movement. Their task in the Stara Basan countryside is threefold: identify enemy strongpoints, direct friendy CAS and pathfind for the follow on assault company.


A RUS BRM-3K bolts from concealment enroute to taking up a new position. Exhaustive observation must be measured against the need for high tempo operations. Mobility is survival. 900 meters to the south of the RUS probe, a weary UKR platoon debuses in a shallow defilade and hastily prepares for the hammer blow about to befall them.


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The Russian advance continues and I take my first casualties. My small squad of Engineers on the left flank are lit up by an ENY APC's 30mm cannon and get beat up pretty bad. I think their only saving grace was the fact that they were in a building which provided them some much needed hard cover. The Russians are also mobilizing more APCs on my right flank in what appears to be a river crossing! I am starting to think I'm about to become the victim of a classic pincer move! Only time will tell and hopefully my boys can hold out!


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Part Six:

Fall back!!! Again the Russians make advances across the river but we are holding strong and redeploying to better combat the Red Threat. My troops are moving to their secondary defensive positions and resupplying with what they will need in the coming minutes of battle.

SPC MacCain in his Hummer also goes to work with his M2 50 Cal and knocks out an ENY APC while pinning an ENY SQD on Bridge Charlie 5. I guess those longs days/nights on the range paid off!

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