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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

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Okay, I lied.  One more picture.  While trying to decide what scenario to do an AAR on, I found I needed to really tweak stuff around to get nighttime looking good. Video here: https://i.img

In my Modding Space I've aploaded everything what is avaliable at the moment.  Everything is supported by screenshots and by links to download. I don't think you missing anything. Yet, if you enj

Another poster of my recent BMP-3/3K Mod: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6650

Posted Images


2 min vid with English subtitles. 


Very, very lucky shot from T-90AM. Svinets penetrated Humvee, a building, and the side of M1A2 SEP v2 behind the wall. (Does the in-game T-90AM use Svinets-2? or Svinets-1?)  Anything can happen on the battlefield, specially when it is inside the forest of buildings.

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Brutal. That round went through and through and trough. Double penetrations are already rare, but triple penetrations are something you only experience once in a lifetime.

It is really rare. I reload the save file, but the same happening never occurred again!! Maybe I spend too much luck for my CMBS life? XD 



To be fair, the Humvee almost doesn't count vs APFSDS at that range, and the building isn't much protection either. Cool happening though!

I agree, but yes, this was really cool! The T-90AM just aimed at HMMWV, and didn't even knew the what was behind the building(not even yellow icon). I think the crews of that T-90AM would be very surprised also.

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Two Russian Igla-S Teams fire at a fast mover in a PBEM game.



Join ADA and shoot for the sky.  Uncle Ivan wants YOU!  


Regrettably both missiles missed what was later learned to be one of two F-15Es prowling the battlefield. Also the Igla-S when bought on the quick battle purchase screen under special teams comes with one missile.  By the end of the battle the two F-15Es accounted for nine destroyed BMPs and T-90s.


Lesson: Buy a Tunguska.       

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