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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread


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Finally finished off all my matches in Normandy, and got to doing a PBEM with my go-to opponent in Black Sea. He loves to play as the Ukrainians, and so the stage was set. Caught the game-winning attack:



Black Sea makes it too easy; IR, APS and Rolling Smoke basically meant there was nothing the enemy ATGMs and infantry could do but keep their heads down and hope to survive the airbursts. T72B3s bypassed the Ukrainian infantry to savage their defenses in-depth as Motor Rifles come up behind and mop up. The battle lasted 17 minutes.


Liked Black Sea, now that I got a MP battle under the belt, love Black Sea.

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It was one fine day of Rolling Thunder scenario. I watched my Javelin ATGM defeated by Arena. 



Shoot that bas****~! 


It just launched 




Flying there 


Still flying


Turned down and heading the tank 


Doom ETA 1sec


What ????!!!! 

And this was ALMOST EXACTLY kinda I was like 


How this can happen?! How!! My team was annihilated after that by angry T-90AM.

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Lucky 1 in a thousand shot ... Nope arena very rarely defeat javelin.. A javelin once hit the front turret too and failed to penetrate . your jav is heading for thé front Hull even if diving it was briefly in arena's engagement enveloppe and it was enough

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Wow. A lot of friendly infantry casualties.  Very entertaining to watch with all the action.  Are you using a sound mod?       

I am using Waclaws majestetic HQS sound mod. I have modded it a little (more death screams and explosions, tweaked bullet zips) but 98% of the sounds are Waclaws. Highly revommended.


It is nice that you enjoyed the video. I plan to make more, and get better with making them. Actually, I make new one today.

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