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Big gun muzzle flashes and explosions                   Small Arms Muzzle Flashes       Flames and Hit decals       At the moment if you want them PM me and I'll send you

It's certainly not for the faint hearted. I used stock footage and mixed in other frames from here and there and heavily manipulated the lot. It's a MASSIVE amount of work to get it right.

These are my V3 flames. I think I made them soon after CMRT came out.

Posted Images

I did the Americans that are in the game already, so no point modding them.


I have some mildy modded Russians and Ukrainians I use but they really aren't that diffrent from the stock ones. The odd new vest mixed in etc.


Modern uniforms usually don't cry out for modding like WW2 uniforms do as you can't see the creases/dirt etc like you can in plain drab clothing, because of the camo pattern covers it.


So most probably not.

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Simple enough to do. Which units would you imagine might be involved?

So far 1st Armored,3rd Infantry,1st Cav, and the 82nd Airborne. That's going by the breifing texts from the campaign, and various battles. I would also guess 2nd SBCT, just because Strykers are in the game, and the 173rd Airborne IBCT just because Italy isn't that far away.

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If BFC are using you to do textures why aren't these effects in the game as standard?


1. I was asked to create the U.S. uniforms and gear. Not the effects.

2. The effects would have be 100% unique artwork, and as is the flames and explosions are only 95%. Therefore they would have to be redone from scratch. There is a cost versus reward issue there as it takes a LOT of time to do well.

3. All the effects would need to be redone to ensure consistency.

4. Perhaps they like the effects the way they are.

5. You have my easily accessible mod.

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Thanks for sending me the Vein. BTW does anybody here know how to reply to PM messages on the new forum software? I couldnt find the button...

I'll PM you instructions - oh wait :)

At the very top of the page towards the right hand side in the black bar at the top there is an open letter icon. That's the place where you can get to your PMs. See circled button in this screen shot.


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