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Managed to download the file. It downloads under "files.zip".


When it's finished, I open it, it has several brz and bin files in it, as well as the CMBS_Setup


I extract all the contents to a new folder, and run CMBS_Setup.


When it's finished, an Activate modules icon appears, and a CM black sea icon appear. BOTH give me errors when I click them.


The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018). Click OK to close application.


I'm able to run all other Combat Mission games.


Win7 64 Bit


Intel 4930K @ 4.4Ghz


Nvidia 980 GTX


16 Gig ram


Blah blah


Any ideas??

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master server is overloaded. I guess a few 100 hundred members are causing this, trying to down load.


ah, sounds about right as BF is using stuff that anti virus scanners do not like, I had to turn everything off because of it.

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I'm able to get to the activation step but it doesn't like my code. Already have a ticket in. I have avast set to exclude the whole g:\battlefront folder from any scans, shields, and shenanigans. Hope for an answer soon. I trust them to make everything right but it is tough when you've waited for a while and then the big moment is "invalid key".... WTF *Flips table*

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Hi Shootersix


I had the exact same problem with CM RT.  As Capt. Toleran indicated, the problem (for me) was AVG anti-virus.  If you feel uncomfortable disabling the anti-virus why dont you try setting the CMBS folder as a "whitelist" or "exempt" folder in the anti-virus.  I did the same thing when installing CMBS this morning and it has worked for me.



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